Different types of ghost entities.

Female Ghosts:

The Tragic Tale of Miklabæjar-Solveig

Probably the closest thing Iceland has to a gothic romance tale, the ghost story of Miklabæjar-Solveig was the story of a real woman that was said to haunt the village she killed herself in after an unrequited love for a priest. 

The November Ghost in Château de Bonaguil

Explore the breathtaking Château de Bonaguil in south-western France. Take a journey through history as you uncover this majestic 12th century fortified castle where a Woman in White is said to haunt the castle every November. 

The Ghost of the Mongolian Princess in Venice

Following her husband Marco Polo back to Venice from the Mongolian court, the princess never felt at home in this strange land. And today it is said she is still haunting the place, wishing for home.

The Mysterious Ghosts Newton House by Dinefwr Castle 

Delve deep into the mysteries of the castle of Dinefwr and discover its haunted ghosts. The castle grounds are said to be haunted by both a loyal butler as well as a murdered lady in white that tried to escape a loveless marriage.

Agnes Sampson — The Wise Wife of Keith

The story of the ghost of Agnes Sampson, known as The Wise Wife of Keith in Scotland is a story where a simple midwife was accused of witchcraft so powerful she caused a storm trying to kill her own queen.  Agnes Sampson was a Scottish healer and a purported witch. Sampson was born in the…

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Haunted Château de Châteaubriant

Step into an ancient castle filled with darkness and stories that will send shivers up your spine of murder and ghosts. Inside the old Château de Châteaubriant there are tales of ghost processions on October 16.

The Lady in White in Bernkastel-Kues Cemetery

In a cute medieval town in Germany, there is a dark and haunted cemetery. The cemetery in Bernkastel-Kues is said to be haunted by a woman in white. And this particular woman in white is also said to be deadly dangerous. 

The Colorful Ghosts at Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle keeps the dramatic events of Scotland’s history as it stands firmly on the castle hill. Just beware of seeing ghosts in all colors, whether it is the Lady in Green, the Pink Ghost Lady or The Woman in Black. 

The History and Hauntings of Jamaica Inn 

In the outskirts of the moors in Cornwall with a dark history of smugglers and gothic romances. The Jamaica Inn is a perfect setting for a british ghost story, and according to the legends, it has many. 

Lady Janet Douglas, Ghost of Glamis Castle

Lady Janet Douglas is said to haunt the Glamis Castle in Scotland after being burned at the stake after being entangled in court politics and being an enemy of the King.  Glamis Castle is said to have inspired one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth, a play so haunted you are not supposed to say…

The Haunted Road of Bundesstraße 215

The B215 otherwise known as Bundesstraße 215 is a stretch of roads that are haunted in Germany. It has more deadly accidents than other roads in the country according to the stories, and is also haunted by a Woman in White. 

The White Lady of Burg Wolfsegg

In the old gothic castle of Burg Wolfsegg in Germany, there is a local castle legend about a White Lady haunting the place. The ghost is supposedly of one of the Countess living there who was murdered by her husband.  

The Japanese Faceless Ghost Noppera-bō

Walking on a dark and lonely road at night, you encounter a person turned away. When the person turns, they reveal that they have no face. This is the faceless ghost from Japan out to scare their victims known as Noppera-bō.

The Warrior Countess Ghost of Eltz Castle

Few castles capture the European medieval feeling as Eltz Castle does. The long lasting Eltz family has always watched over the place, and even in death, there is an ax wielding countess in full armor, haunting the place. 

The Haunted History of Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing

The ghost of a woman i white has been spotted in the haunted Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing. It is said it is the ghost of a grieving mother that never recovered after the death of her son. 

The Haunted Halls of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral 

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been a site of intrigue and mystery for centuries— its haunted halls filled with stories that spark the imagination with ghosts on the roof and an ironworker that sold his soul to the Devil.

Wessobrunn Abbey’s Ghosts

This I found, from men, as the foremost wisdom,That neither earth there was, nor sky above;Nor tree, nor hill there was.Nor stars there were; nor shone the sun.Nor moon-light there was, nor the salty sea.Nothing there was: neither end, nor limit.And there was the One Almighty God,The mildest of men; and many were with them,Godly…

The Mystery of the Haunted House on Avenue Frochot

Something strange is lurking in the shadows at Avenue Frochot’s notorious Haunted House in Paris. After a Chambermaid was supposedly killed inside of the house, there have been strange things going on according to the neighbors as well as some of the owners.

Haunting in Hardtkapelle Wielenbach

A haunted chapel known as Hardtkapelle Wielenbach can be found in the darkness of the Bavarian forest, surrounded by black hellhounds and a woman in white. This place is of the more unholy sorts.  Forests in Germany are where the darkness creeps in and where stories about ghosts and ghouls take form.  In this particular…

The Lady in Green Haunting Château de Brissac

The tragic story of Château de Brissac and the murder of Charlotte de Brézé is a haunting one, but not a rare one as it houses the ghost of a woman murdered by her own husband and is forced to remain as a ghost.

The Lost Castle of Hollerwiese

The story of the lost castle of Hollerwiese on Mariahilfberg Hill is still a mystery to this day. It is said that the ghosts of those living in the castle are still seen on the meadow where the castle once stood.  East of the city of Amberg in Bavarian Germany, there is a forest-covered ridge,…

The History and Legends of the Haunted Abbaye De Mortemer

Discover the secrets and legends of Abbaye De Mortemer, an infamous haunted abbey in rural France. Explore its haunting history from Dames Blanches, ghost monks, werewolves and a goblin cat guarding a treasure.

The Buried Alive Ghosts of Château de Trécesson in the Enchanted Forest

Château de Trécesson, the ancient castle in Brittany has more than one ghost haunting the place. Perhaps it’s not too strange to be haunted by the mysterious Dames Blanches when the location of the castle is in an enchanted forest.

The White Lady In Freihung

Stories about white ladies are plentiful in Europe, especially in Germany, and this particular The White Lady In Freihung ended up winning against the U.S Army.  The main town in Freihung has a long history of Bavarian culture and the industry of mining lead. There is also a ghost said to be haunting the quaint…

The Ghost Monks at Lyseklosteret

In the ruins of Lyse Abbey there are rumors about the ghost monks haunting the ruins as well as a white lady roaming the roads around it.  Lyse Abbey or Lyseklosteret is a former cistercian monastery that was built in Os, right outside of Bergen in Norway. There are only ruins of it today, as…

The Hitchhiking Woman in White in Palavas-les-Flots

Explore Palavas-les-Flots, the haunted coastal city of France and learn about its mysterious supernatural phenomena of the ghost of a hitchhiking woman in white.

The Friendly Ghost Octavia at Den Nationale Scene

At Den Nationale Scene theater in Bergen there is a ghost named Octavia that haunts the place. She is said to be a helping ghost, taking care of the staff and helping the actors remember their lines.  There is a rule somewhere that every theatre needs a ghost, even if the building is new or…

Ghost of Nan Tuck Haunting the English Countryside

The Ghost of Nan Tuck is the haunted legend about an accused witch from England still haunting the woods; she, according to legend, was killed by the villagers chasing her down. Now she is haunting the place she was killed on.

Unveiling the Dark History of the Tower of London and its Ghosts 

Uncover the hidden shadows of England’s majestic Tower of London, home to stories of more than one ghost haunting the rooms, the hallways and the prison cells from many dark parts of England’s history.

The Ghosts Of the Haunted Himeji Castle In Japan

Explore the supernatural stories of Japan’s Magnificent Haunted Himeji Fortress and find out why this iconic castle is said to be haunted by both monsters and tragic ghosts.

The Bride Missing her Ring Finger in Venice

Killed because of love, the would be bride now walks in the Castello district of Venice, missing her ring finger and her loved one. 

The Mysterious Ghost Stories of The Haunted Dock Street Theater

The Haunted Dock Street Theater has plenty of spine-tingling ghost stories to tell as AMerica’s first theater? Find out more about the tales, secrets and legends that cloak this historic theater.

The Jayuro Road Ghost

On a big and foggy highway north of Seoul, there is an urban legend of a ghost known as the Jayuro Ghost along the road, looking like she has a pair of sunglasses on in the dark.  The Jayu Motorway, or simply Freedom Road is a big highway in South Korea connecting Seoul to Gyeonggi…

The Legend of Arang

One of the most famous ghost stories in Korea is about the unfortunate Arang. Until she got revenge on her murderer, she kept haunting the entire town in search of the one who could help her find the truth.  Look at me, look at me, look at meAs you look at a flower in the…

The Ghost in Höfði house in Reykjavik

In Reykjavik, Iceland, there is a haunted house called Höfði. According to local legend it is haunted by the ghost of a woman who poisoned herself. 

Exploring the Ghost Stories on top of Paris’ Eiffel Tower

Take a journey through the haunted legends and myths surrounding Paris’ Eiffel Tower, thought to be haunted by the ghosts of a romance gone wrong in the city of love. 

Conn Barracks Ghosts of Nazi Soldiers and Bloody Nurses

In an old nazi soldier camp in Germany called Conn Barracks there are still those thinking they never left. Several American soldiers tell about the ghost of them still haunting the place

The Haunted Babenhausen Kaserne

Ghosts of nazi soldiers and witches haunt this old barracks in Hesse Germany. In the Babenhausen Kaserne there are stories about everything from soldier clad uniforms floating around as well as phone calls from a woman talking backwards. 

The Lady in White in Zitadelle Spandau

An old fortress of protection turned into a prison of a mistress who died and started haunting Zitadelle Spandau where she met her end. And the ghost of the mistress Anna Sydow are said to haunt both the place and the family who caused her death. 

Apollonia Schwartzkopf the Ghost at Bessastadir

No place is free from a haunting on Iceland, not even the official house for the president known as Bessastadir were the ghost of a woman named Apollonia Schwartzkopf haunts the house after maybe have been the victim of poison.

Kuchisake-onna – The Urban Legend of the Slit-Mouthed Woman

In the dimly lit alleys in urban Japan, a woman wearing a mask is terrorizing the children walking home from late school. When she reveals her carved up mouth, it’s over. Kuchisake-onna, or The Slit-Mouthed Woman will get her revenge.

Edinburgh Castle Ghosts and Legends

Witches, dragons and ghosts, Edinburgh castle are said to have it all. The sound of bagpipe and drummers can be heard without anyone playing, and those accused for witchcraft as well as prisoners of wars are said to haunt the old castle.

Haunted Spirits at The Banshee Labyrinth Pub

The metal bar called the Banshee Labyrinth is located in parts of the haunted underground vaults of Edinburgh. And today the place has some haunted stories to tell as well. Everything from ghost children, accused witches, irish folklore creatures and an annoying ghost in the ladies toilet, this pub houses them all.

The Finnish Maiden of Olavinlinna Castle

Buried alive inside the castle walls, the Finnish Maiden immured still haunts this medieval building of Olavinlinna Castle. 

The Ghosts Within the South Bridge Vaults

A paranormal investigator’s dream, the South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh have been investigated for its hauntings on many occasions and many have left with a feeling of having experienced something paranormal and ghostly in the dark. 

The Ghost Bride at the Devil’s Curve

On a road known as the Devil’s Curve in Colombia, the ghost of a bride has been reported on the road since the 70’s, asking passing cars for a ride. 

The Ghost on Emily’s Bridge

Once a heartbroken girl that didn’t know how to go on to a vengeful ghost. Emily who haunts Emily’s Bridge in Vermont still got claws. 

The Wizard of West Bow and His House of Horrors

In what is now a place of religious worship there once stood a house plagued by demonic and haunted activity. And the legend from The Wizard of West Bow and his horror house in Edinburgh. 

The Skeleton Ghost La Taconuda

Dressed impeccably in a fancy dress and high heels, this vengeful spirit known as La Taconuda haunts the roads and old haciendas of Nicaragua to get revenge on those who took her beauty.

La Descarnada of the Highway

On the highway in El Salvador, be vary of who you stop for along the way. Especially beautiful women that asks for a ride to a nearby place. It might very well be the vengeful spirit of La Descarnada.

Lady of the Lake at Gotts Point in Lake Lowell

Sometimes the sound of someone gasping for air is heard over the deep waters in Lake Lowell, Idaho. Some claim it is the ghost of a girl who drowned at Gotts Point a long time ago that is still trying to get to the shore. 

The Haunted Picture of The Rain Woman 

In the 90s the Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets painted a strange painting known as The Rain Woman. According to those seeing the painting it makes them feel uneasy as if the woman in the painting is watching them. Today the painting has become known as one of the most haunted paintings out there. 

The River Road Bridge Ghost

In the night at The River Road Bridge in Idaho you can hear the sound of a splash without having dropped anything in the river. Stories about the ghost of a woman that hanged herself from the bridge keeps haunting the place. 

The Legend of La Sayona

On the Venezuelan plains, the vengeful ghost of La Sayona hunts down cheating men that don’t get from it alive. She is cursed to make her revenge on them after she murdered her whole family.

Hauntings at the Idanha Hotel

The Idanha Hotel has a long story of being haunted. And even after it was renovated to apartment buildings, the stories about the misty apparition, the elevator with a will of its own, and whispering voices in the halls still happens in the building. 

The Witches of the Black Diamond Mines

Guarding the old mining community, these ghosts of these two women have been dubbed witches by the locals, feared as well as revered in their lives. Who were The White Witches of the Black Diamond Mines?

Ghosts in the Ann Starrett Mansion

Refusing to leave their home, the ghosts of Ann Starrett mansion still reside in the Victorian house, haunting the place in Port Townsend. 

Fighting The Widow Ghost With Cross Dressing and Erect Penises

When unexplained deaths of seemingly healthy and young men occur around the same time and same place there are many Thai people who believe it is the Widow Ghost who is after their men, and they have their own way of holding the seemingly paranormal death at bay. 

The Lady Nak of Phra Khanong — Thailand’s Famous Ghost Mae Nak

The story of The Lady Nak of Phra Khanong or Mae Nak Phra Khanong is a very popular ghost story in Thailand about a wife waiting for her husband even in her death. 

The Lady in Red of Bang Pakong River

Sitting on the railing in her red dress, the ghost waves her victims closer, urging them to jump to their death. This is the tale of the Lady in Red of Bang Pakong River. 

Ghosts of Canyon Hill Cemetery

The haunted rumors of the haunted cemetery in Caldwell, Idaho includes everything from a female jogger to an old lady. So much so that it even draws paranormal investigators inside the graveyard. 

The Ghost that Designed Iulia Hasdeu Castle

Through the power of spiritualism, the bereaved father built a castle designed by the ghost of his dead daughter. And today, the Iulia Hasdeu Castle still stands as a mysterious and haunted place. 

The Haunted Ghost Street Calle Jaen in Bolivia

In the secluded and mountainous streets in La Paz, Bolivia, the ghosts of the past are still roaming the streets. Both dangerous widows and Bolivian freedom fighters. 

Madam Koi Koi and The School Hauntings in Nigeria

‘Koi Koi’ goes the sound of high heels in the hallways. And this sound is terrifying for students at the schools in Nigeria. Because Madam Koi Koi is after them as she is haunting the schools.

Maidens of Uley

The spirit of the girl so disappointed in her life on earth she can never move on, continue to echo through time together with the Maidens of Uley in Sibir, Russia.

The Haunted Barbie Doll in The Shrine on Pulau Ubin Island

What would you have wanted as an offering after your death? According to this Singaporean legend, this young girl wanted a Barbie doll to appease her spirit in her afterlife. This is the story of the haunted Barbie doll in the shrine.  

The Ghost of La Faraona Haunting the Agua Caliente Hotel

Haunting the iconic Agua Caliente Casino and Hotel in Tijuana, the performer known as La Faraona remains like a ghost from the Golden Age of the Sin City.

Myrtles Plantation and the Ghosts that Remains

Now a quaint Bed and Breakfast, the old Myrtles plantation manor houses more ghosts than living guests. 

Nale Ba – The Bridal Ghost of Bangalore

In the 90s, rural parts of Bangalore in India were haunted by a fear of a ghost walking from door to door. To protect themselves from death, they used to write Nale Ba – come tomorrow. 

Agnes Keith and the Ghost in her House

American author Agnes Keith wrote about a ghost that apparently haunted her house in Malaysia. And continued, long after she moved.

The Mistletoe Bough – The Bride in the Chest

The Legend of the Mistletoe Bough or the Mistletoe Bride is a ghost tale that many big houses claim as their own. Bramshill House is one of them, and the story of the dead bride haunts the already haunted place. 

The Mantelgeist of the Fortress

Because of the cold winter with no food, people starved to death, even inside the castle walls. And ever since then, the ghost of the queens chambermaid still haunts the castle, known as the Mantelgeist.

The Ghost Bridge in the Jungle

Deep in the jungle of Côn Đảo in Vietnam, there is an unfinished bridged called Ma Thiên Lãnh Bridge also called The Ghost Bridge, both because of its dark origin as well as the lingering presence still seen. 

The Haunted Vicarage — Sweden’s most ghostly crowded house

Even the home of the priests can’t keep the ghosts at bay. And in this house, the ghosts outnumber the living. 

The Haunting in Pasir Ris Park 

On the foundation of old land with a lot of history, a new park was built called Pasir Ris Park. But the legends surrounding the mangrove forest followed into the modern day busy Singapore. 

Huggin Molly – The Woman in Black of Alabama

In the small town in Alabama, a big thing is haunting the streets after the town’s children. The scary apparition of Huggin Molly is still haunting the streets.

Chaonei No. 81 — Beijing Horror House

Shadowy figures in the window, chilling entrance during the summer, the old and haunted church in Beijing called Chaonei No. 81, keeps its secrets close to the chest.

The Korean Virgin Ghost

The Korean virgin ghost may be based on the ideals that all a woman needs is a husband, but the anger of these spirits tells of a woman with another purpose. And that is mostly vengeance. 

The Headless Ghost Woman of Bern

Number 54 in Junkerngaasse, Bern might be hiding more than just old history and dust. The legends of this long abandoned house just won’t let go.

The Prisoner of Château de Puymartin

After a husband caught his cheating wife, the punishment for her lasted into the afterlife. 

The Mausoleum of Rufina Cambacérès at Recoleta Cemetery — Buried Alive

Marble mausoleums, famous people and haunted graves with excellent architecture. The city of Buenos Aires got more to offer than tango and good food.

The Haunting of The House of Hohenzollern

The noble family of Hohenzollern of Germany has been haunted for centuries. The White Lady follows them, wherever they go. Who is she? And what does she want with the life of the nobles?

The Hauntings of the Chute de la Dame Blanche

Chute de la Dame Blanche or the White Lady Waterfall is a legend of a grieving bride to be in the midst of the battle of Canada.

Lady of the Lake in Durand Eastman Park in Rochester

The legend of the Lady in the Lake has been around the Durand Eastman Park in the state of New York for centuries, haunting the lakes and park, in search for her daughter – and possible revenge.

The Haunting of The Blue Lady at Verdala Palace

The mysterious legend about the Blue Lady in Verdala Palace from Malta is shrouded in questions. What happened? Who is she? Will she ever find peace?

The Running Lady of Beeford

A ghost haunts the roads of small English village. She is known as the Running Lady and according to legend, known for causing accidents.

Hvítárnes — The Haunted Hut on Iceland

In the desolate wilderness there is a hut. And this hut is haunted. Or should we say, the most haunted hut in all of Iceland.

The Evil Bishop Against the Maiden in Love – The Ghost of Haapsalu Castle

The white lady of Haapsalu castle is one of the most well known ghost stories in Estonia. It tells the story of young love, torn apart by religion and an evil bishop.

Cursed and Haunted Paintings

What is art is perhaps just as difficult as explaining what is a haunting. And haunted art? How can that be? Several paintings have strange occurrences, history and tragedy attached to them. From people dying to people feeling a certain way when looking at the paintings, these are some work of art that are claimed…

La Llorona the Mexican Weeping Woman Ghost

Along the rivers in Mexico a wailing woman wearing white can be see and heard as she comes up drenched from the waters. She is desperately looking for her children she herself drowned. And according to the legends of La Llorona or the wailing woman, you are next.

5 Works With Vampires Before Dracula

A list of works about vampires that were published before Dracula.

5 Horror Movies Based on Books

A list of horror books that inspired some iconic horror movies.

The Grey Lady of Stavern at Hotel Wassilioff

The grey lady of Stavern is a tragic tale, but not a very unique one. She stand together with the rest of the weeping women, filled of grief after being left by a man.

5 gothic horror movies

This is a collection of movies that really have that nice sublime gothic feeling about it, with all the elements that makes something gothic and would make Ann Radcliff proud.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The Vanishing Hitchhiker is a well known urban legend throughout the world. Here is a Moonmausoleum original writings based on the Urban Legend – The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is probably one of the most iconic ghost pictures out there. But what is the story behind it? And who is that ghostly figure?

Vengeful Ghosts:

The Drummer of Tedworth

The story of the Drummer of Tedworth has often been called the first poltergeist in England that has been reported on in writing and the mystery surrounding it stands to this day.  In March 1661 a man named John Mompesson sued a drummer called William Drury whom he meant made money under false pretenses. Drury…

The Poltergeist of Greyfriars Kirkyard

Tucked away in the Old Town of Edinburgh, the Greyfriars Kirkyard houses even the restless spirits of the locals. Even a poltergeist known as George Mackenzie.

A Ghost Tale Of Two Sisters — The Legend of Janghwa and Hongryeon

The legend of Janghwa and Hongryeon that turned into virgin ghosts, is a classic Korean ghost story that continues to inspire and scare. 

Top Korean Horror TV-Series

The last few years, K-dramas has certainly taken over much of the media the world consume today. And although it is largely remembered from the overly romantic dramas with umbrellas in the rain and watching over people with a cold like they are on their deathbed, some more darker series has caught on. In fact…

The Myth of Oiwa — The Paper Lantern Ghost

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman who died. She went on a murderous rampage and she forever haunts the place of Yotsuya. The end.

The Obon Celebration – The Ghost Festival

Light your lanterns and get ready for The Ghost festival in Japan called The Obon Celebration. The festival, also known as Bon festival is a three day long festival each year in the late and hot summer to honor the dead.

Banchō Sarayashiki — the Ghost of Okiku

The tale of Banchō Sarayashiki (番町皿屋敷, The Dish Mansion at Banchō) is a well known Japanese ghost story (kaidan). It was popularized in the kabuki theater tradition, and lives on in popular culture and folklore alike.

Onryō — the Vengeful Japanese Spirit

In many cultures, ghosts are put in different categories. Such is the case with Onryō (怨霊 onryō,) It basically means “vengeful spirit” or “wrathful spirit” in Japanese and is a mythological spirit of vengeance from Japanese folklore. They also have ghosts, called yurei, but these differ in the will of the ghost. As opposed to…

Ghost of Tu-Po — The Hungry Ghost

After the Chinese nobleman Tu Po was betrayed by his own king and fellow nobles, he became a vengeful ghost, or Hungry Ghost as it is known as in Buddhism. Even in his afterlife he sought revenge on those who betrayed him and fought to restore his honor.

Male Ghosts

The All Saint Day Hauntings at Château de Blandy-les-Tours

Step back in time and visit the historic Château de Blandy-les-Tours which is said to be one of the many haunted castles in France. It is said that the castle is especially busy on All Saint Day were the dead are walking the halls.

The Murder Monk in Franziskaner-Klosterkirche

In the ruins of the Franziskaner-Klosterkirche in Berlin, there is a legend of a murderous monk haunting the place, after he ended up murdering his own son. 

The Ghosts within Haus Fühlingen

Once a beautiful manor in Cologne, Germany, Haus Fühlingen continues to decay and fall into ruins with its dark and bloody past. Although an abandoned building, it is said to be filled up with ghosts.

The Headless Ghost of Reichenstein Castle

Reichenstein Castle is also known as Falkenburg, standing on a mountain spur in the Rhine Valley. For a long time it was under the domain of a long line of robber knights that plundered everything and everyone. And the last of the robber knights are said to haunt the place as a headless ghost.

Casino degli Spiriti — The House of Souls

By the Venetian lagoon there is a house so cursed not even fishermen will fish near it. Many dark legends surround the Casino degli Spiriti, or The House of Souls, from black magic to the ghost of a heartbroken painter.  

The Ghost of Theatre Royal Drury Lane

In one of the oldest theaters there are also famous ghosts for those enjoying the drama of the stage. In Theatre Royal Drury Lane those working there as well as visitors keep reporting on several ghosts, one of them being the well known Man in Grey.  There is not only one ghost haunting the old…

Scary Tales of The Catacombs of Paris 

Explore one of Paris’ most haunted destinations with this tour featuring stories and legends about the Catacombs’ chilling past. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight!

The Bell-Ringer At St. Mark’s Square

At the famous Bell Tower at St. Mark’s Square in Venice, the ghost of a former Bell-Ringer is haunting the place, trying to sound the bells one more time. 

The Redshirt Soldier in Biennale Gardens

A ghost in a red shirt used to haunt the Biennale Gardens in Venice. The former soldier had to uphold his promise to protect his hero, Garibaldi, even in death. 

The Red Man haunting the Jardin Tuileries in Paris

In the beautiful Gardens of Tuileries outside of the Louvre in Paris there is sometimes spotted a Red Man. This is thought to be the ghost of Jean l’Ecorcheur, an assassin to Catherine de Medici who ended up being assassinated himself.

The Ghost in Húrra Pub

In one of the more popular bars in Reykjavík called Húrra, there is a legend about a ghost that is haunting the pub. It is often believed it is the ghost of a young man that was lost at sea. 

The Ghost of Fosco Loredan

At the day of his wife, Elena Grimani’s death anniversary, a the ghost of noble man called Fosco Loredan can be seen carrying his dead wife’s head . The very same head he himself decapitated out of jealousy and had to carry to Rome.

The Eternal Guest at Radisson Blu Hotel

Before it was renovated, the staff working at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bergen kept seeing the same ghostly guest over and over that never checked out. 

The Burning Skeleton in Venice

In Cannaregio district in the city of Venice, there is a burning skeleton of a mean man that is cursed to haunt the city around Campo de l’Abazia. 

The Ghost on the Moor

In a time when suicide was a sin, a man took his own life when he couldn’t have the woman he loved. His tormented soul is said to haunt the moors in Dartmoor in Devon, England were he was buried. 

Child Ghosts

The Hauntings The Waldniel Hostert School

At the The Waldniel Hostert School, a former school and Nazi Institute bears a tragic story and the ghosts of so many of the mentally disabled children that were murdered during the War.  Kent School, or as it was known back in the day, The Waldniel Institute was a school with a tragic backstory and…

The haunted History of the Former San Ramón School in Agost

The now abandoned school of San Ramón School in Agost has been left since the 90s and it is believed that it is haunted by its former students, eager to play with those that visits.

The Headless Ghost of the Lady in White at Corfe Castle

Haunted by ghosts and other supernatural creatures, Corfe Castle has been the source of many spine-tingling tales and in the night the light of the Will-o’-the-wisp flicker as the ghost roams the ruins.  

The Ghost Crowds of Leap Castle

In the Leap Castle in Ireland, the ruthless clan O’Carroll left a trail of blood. Many of their victims came back as ghosts, haunting the halls of the castle. As well as a mysterious spirit known as The Elemental, that might have been there since druid times. 

The Ghost Girl on the Curve at Jafre

Right outside of the abandoned town of Jafra in Spain there are tales about a ghost girl haunting the place called the Ghost Girl on the Curve. After she was chased from the house by her father she was never seen again until she started to appear in front of lost hikers, helping them find…

The Story of the Lost Children on Rue Des Chantres

The Lost Children on Rue Des Chantres is still remembered, and sometimes even heard and seen on what is known as the most haunted street in Paris. 

Monts d’Arree Nuclear Reactor and the Gate to Hell

In Monts d’Arree France there is a decommissioned power plant that are called The Gate to Hell, and rumors about a child ghosts with a dark history of devil worshippers haunts the Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant

The Chilling Tales of The Ghosts Of Kehoe House

Ever heard of the haunted Kehoe House? The historic Bed and Breakfast in Savannah is said the house is filled with ghosts and has more than one chilling story, from spectral lights to mysterious whispers.

The Paranormal Activity At The St. Augustine Lighthouse 

Discover the creepy secrets hidden in the shadows of the St. Augustine Lighthouse! Uncover the truth about paranormal activity and ghost stories around this haunted location.

The Child Coffin in the Venetian Lagoon

The bright blue water in the Venetian Lagoon turns gray in the night. In the fog you can hardly see anything. But beware, look out for a small child coffin with four little candles lit on it. It is the hauntings of the young girl who drowned and trying to warn people that she is…

Ghosts of Mary King’s Close

Scratching sounds from the chimney, plague victims left for dead and floating heads, the haunted underground of alleyways known as Mary King’s Close haunts under the city. 

The Possession of Letta the Doll

Described as the ‘doll from hell’, Letta the Doll in Australia is the cause of strange things. But although a scary one, the owner will never part with the possessed doll. 

Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park

The look of the Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park has made it a popular place for a photoshoot during the day. But an abandoned place like this also comes with haunting rumors about a little girl that tragically died on one of the rides. 

Hauntings at the Weston State Hospital or the Trans-Allegheny Asylum

Many of the patients spent most of their lives inside of the walls of the old and overcrowded asylum. Some even say that some of the souls will spend the rest of eternity in this old asylum. 

Poveglia Island — The Most Haunted Place in the World

The haunted Island of Poveglia has always been a place for the unwanted. It has been a place for plague victims, a psychiatric hospital and burial ground. Today it’s known for being one of the most haunted places in the world. 

Ruby the Haunted Doll

This porcelain doll named Ruby will give the people playing with her an instant sorrow and sense of sickness, just by holding her. Family legend has it that the doll is haunted by a little girl that died with Ruby in her arms.

The Blind Ghost Girl on the Cliff by the Castelinho de São João do Estoril

On the cliff overlooking the blinking blue ocean of Portugal, a young blind girl fell to her death while playing by the Castelinho de São João do Estoril. She is now forever haunting the place. 

Azzurrina of Romagna

On the night of the solstice, the sound of a little girl is echoes through the old castle. A little girl with blue hair.

The Lost City of Dode

In the heart of the British countryside, the past of the plague, death and history haunts the desecrated church. But amid the mystery of the paranormal and pagan ley lines, the once cursed site has found back to being sacred.