The legend of the farmer Frederick Fisher is one of the most popular ghost stories in Australia. On a calm june night in 1826, Fisher left he house in Cambelltown and never returned. He was just going out on a few errands. Without a trace he was vanished and no one managed to find out why and how he had disseapered.


Four months went by and with no news. Then, one day a local man bursted into the Cambelltown hotel. He was pale, shook to his bone. He told with a shaking voice, that he had just met Frederick Fisher. Just that. He was not alive. Not anymore. It was a ghost. The spirit of the farmer had sat on a fence along the way. He had pointed on a place near a river. Then he had vanished right before the eyes in front of the shaken man.

The man who had seen the ghost was a wealthy and respected man. So the police decided they would investigate his claims. They went to the place the guy pointed out and to their big surprise, they found the body of Fisher, stashed away, out of sight.

The murderer was found just after. George Worral, Fishers neighbour and his close friend. Worral was already under suspicion before the body was fount. He had started selling Fishers property and told everyone Fisher had gone to England. Worral admitted it all when the body was found and Fisher could finally rest in peace.

Or could he? Reports says he still haunts the hotel, to this day.


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