If you have a cravings about reading up about ghosts from Asia, or about a particular subset of crypto-creatures, perhaps about 18th centuries hauntings, this is the place. Sort through the stories to your liking, or just have a go of the latest haunted tales we’ve collected.

The Westerfeld House — The House of The Occult

All that jazz and rock’n roll with witchcraft and satanic rituals clearly took its toll on the Victorian house. But is it still a hint of paranormal presence lingering there? Or has the restoration brought it back to its original sweet glory?

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A Ghost Tale Of Two Sisters — The Legend of Janghwa and Hongryeon

The legend of Janghwa and Hongryeon that turned into virgin ghosts, is a classic Korean ghost story that continues to inspire and scare. 

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The Mausoleum of Rufina Cambacérès at Recoleta Cemetery — Buried Alive

Marble mausoleums, famous people and haunted graves with excellent architecture. The city of Buenos Aires got more to offer than tango and good food.

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