If you have a cravings about reading up about ghosts from Asia, or about a particular subset of crypto-creatures, perhaps about 18th centuries hauntings, this is the place. Sort through the stories to your liking, or just have a go of the latest haunted tales we’ve collected.

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Lady of the Lake in Rochester

The legend of the Lady in the Lake has been around the Durand Eastman Park in the state of New York for centuries, haunting the lakes and park, in search for her daughter – and possible revenge.

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Ghosts of the Tsunami

The tsunami disaster in 2011 left large parts of Japan in ruins. And some of the people never being found, are still trying to reach home it seems.

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Egyptian column with hieroglyphs

The Ghost of Theban Necropolis

An ancient ghost stories from the time and place of the great pharaohs and dark tombs.

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