The Moon Mausoleum is an online magazine about the haunted ghost stories, urban legends, folktales and the paranormal of the world. We also write about all horror media and try to understand what goes bump in the night.


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So to run this blog without putting a payment-wall up, we have partnered up with some companies that we feel that we can honestly put links to. We have done this because of two reasons:

This is our affiliated ghost. Pages where this fella right here pops up, we have some affiliated links to your pleasure. Say hello, he’s friendly and love transparency!! Haha, get it!! Ad joke!
  1. We run a site that deals a lot with collecting, recommending and reviewing stuff. We have decided that a platform affiliation rather than product affiliation is more appropriate for us. That is, we don’t get payed to write reviews of a product, but we can link to a place where this said product exist and can be purchased. So basically the same honest opinions, only with a sweet deal to it as well, both for those who should choose to purchase something through our links and to us, that even have someone that would listen to our recommendations. We also use a couple of times it as a read more where we link to sources used in our articles or something that a reader would turn to next to gain some information about the subject. So for instance, if we wrote about say… The Abdominal Snowman (hey, we should get on that!), we would sometimes find it relevant to link a couple of books/audio books/movies or the likes about the same subject. The reader gets more educated if wanted, we get to have our dinner, win win!
  2. Also, affiliate marketing makes it easier to control ads on blogs and sites. If we use automatic ads because we need to make something profitable, we don’t really have much control over it. But with affiliated links, we can control the ads much more and have something we feel is more relevant to our readers.

On that note, enjoy the site, purchase what you want, knowing we offer full transparency. If something is unclear, or we have messed up with notifying when we have affiliated links, please contact us, and we will fix that right away.

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We love books, in particular, we love horror books, gothic books. Therefore we are often referring to books. And when they are narrated well, double the sweet horror! Therefore we link up to audiobooks found on Audible and showcase ads like this fella beside. Have fun listening, we do!