Described as the ‘doll from hell’, Letta the Doll in Australia is the cause of strange things. But although a scary one, the owner will never part with the possessed doll. 

The owner of the doll, Kerry Walton claims he found the doll under the floor of the porch in an abandoned house in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia. He was going there for his grandmother’s funeral, and decided to go exploring the neighboring house that always had haunted him.

The doll is of wood and is child sized with a peculiar face, dressed in green with a long braid. When Walton first saw the doll, he was as terrified as we are when seeing the doll. 

That was back in 1972 and Letta the Doll came back to live with Walton and his family in Brisbane. When he put the doll in the trunk of his car to drive home, he heard movement and a scream:

“Letta me out,” he heard from the back of his trunk where only the doll was. And ever since then, the doll was called Letta. And since then, the doll has apparently been the cause of many strange things happening in the home in Queensland. 

Described as the ‘doll from hell’, Letta the Doll in Australia is the cause of strange things. But although a scary one, the owner will never part with the possessed doll. 
Letta Me Out was discovered underneath a house in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Letta The Doll: The doll is a peculiar one, with a grin that will stay with you for a long time. //Photo: Facebook.

Together they have appeared on numerous television shows where he claims there is something paranormal over the doll. He says more than one person has seen the doll move right in front of them. There are also signs of the dolls moving on its own as it left visible marks around the house as well as under the shoes of the doll. 

The children living with the doll were also understandably terrified of the strange new addition to the household, and said they could hear the doll move around. 


The Doll With a Facebook

You can get the opportunity to meet with the doll, however, there are reports of having nightmares as well as feeling nauseous after an encounter with Letta the Doll. The owner of the doll is traveling around with it when not in their home in Warwick and charges money to get a picture taken. The doll is so famous now, it even has its own facebook account. 

Walton himself has vowed to never get rid of the doll, although he has tried. Once, to get his family out of a financial situation, he tried to sell the doll for 400$. But when it got to him taking the doll out of the car, he physically couldn’t do it, as if a force of some sort was stopping him. 

Possessed by the Restless Spirit of a Drowned Boy

Another claim that Walton has is the origin of the doll. He apparently had the doll examined and found that the doll itself was around 200 years old. And the hair of the doll was made with real human hair, specifically from Eastern European gypsies. 

On further examination in some way or another, he found that the doll was haunted by a restless spirit of a drowned boy. The doll is supposedly possessed with the spirit of this boy, and in some variation of the origin of the doll, it was the gypsies that placed the soul of the boy inside the doll. And according to Walton, he thinks the drowning is the reason why it always rains when they go traveling. 


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