In the 90s the Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets painted a strange painting known as The Rain Woman. According to those seeing the painting it makes them feel uneasy as if the woman in the painting is watching them. Today the painting has become known as one of the most haunted paintings out there. 

The painting named The Rain Woman (Женщина дождя), has spurned a living legend in the later years as strange rumors about the woman in the picture has haunted the past owners according to the artist herself. 

It is a strange picture of a pale looking woman with droopy and cloudy eyes that, according to those that have seen her, follows you around. She is wearing a black hat through the rain but doesn’t really seem bothered by it. The colors are muted and dark, creating a surreal and eerie atmosphere that lingers. Where did this woman come from and why does she make the owners and those seeing her uncomfortable?

Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets painted this picture in 1996, the same year she graduated from Odessa Art University. For six months after graduating art school, she always had this feeling of someone watching her and an uneasy anxious feeling was following her. This was the state of mind she found herself in when she painted The Rain Woman

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What is art is perhaps just as difficult as explaining what is a haunting. And haunted art? How can that be? Several paintings have strange occurrences, history and tragedy attached to them. From people dying to people feeling a certain way when looking at the paintings, these are some work of art that are claimed…

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Painting The Rain Woman as if Possessed

When the then unknown and young artist, Svetlana Telets one day suddenly had the image of The Rain Woman in her head, she started to paint almost without thinking. She herself claimed that something or someone took over her, like drawing through her. 

This almost possession-like feeling made her work fast and the painting was done in 5 hours according to Svetlana Telets. And thus the Rain Woman was made, or perhaps conjured is a more appropriate wording according to the legends that were made about the woman in the painting.

After Svetlana Telets had reworked the painting for about a month, she put it up for sale and some people felt drawn to the strange and mystical painting of the pale woman. The painting was bought, then returned, then sold, then resold again. 

The buyers didn’t want it in their homes. They complained that the painting was causing them to experience insomnia and anxiety. Some even claimed that the painting was giving them headaches. A thing the past owners all agreed on though was how they all had a feeling of being watched. 

The Rain Woman Haunting the Owners

The first owner that bought the painting was a businesswoman, in some sources named Larisa, that hung the painting in her bedroom. But it wasn’t before she tried to get rid of the painting as she constantly had a feeling of someone watching her and another presence in her house, despite her living alone. She even rang to Svetlana Telets and complained to her about The Rain Woman:

The Rain Woman. Svetlana Telets
The Rain Woman: The painting of the the lady is a strange and eerie looking painting that have made people feel like they are being watched.

“Please pick her up. I can not sleep. It seems that there is someone in the apartment besides me. I even took it off the wall and hid it behind the closet. ”

The painting was returned and put for sale again. It was sold again to a second buyer which was a young man, in some sources named Eugene, that hung it in his living room and wasn’t really a big believer of the strange stories surrounding the painting. But also he didn’t take long before he started to experience strange things about the painting and decided to get rid of it after a month.  

“I dream of her. Every night he appears and follows me like a shadow,” he said as he was giving it back. 

For a third time the picture was sold to a third buyer that claimed that he had seen the woman depicted in The Rain Woman somewhere and thought that they would get along without any problems. But that turned out to  be a mistake as he also felt uneasy around her. He claimed that her white eyes started to appear everywhere and he got the scary feeling that he would end up drowning in them. 

So he also returned it back to the shop and the painting hung in the salon for many years without anyone willing to buy her to have in their home. And so the years went on by and the painting was patiently waiting for the owner.

The Rain Woman Found its Owner

The Rain Woman used to hang in a furniture salon in Vinnitsa trying to sell it without much luck. Customers of the shop claim to be dreaming about the woman in the picture after visiting the shop and claim to sort of know her, but are unable to place her. 

Svetlana Telets herself has claimed that she is in no hurry to get rid of the picture and that she believes that there is an owner for the painting that is meant to have her. Perhaps today the painting has found its owner? 

After 11 years of a search for an owner, it was bought in 2007 by the musician Sergei Skachko who felt strongly that the picture belonged with him. He tracked the painting down after reading an article about it and accepted the rumors the painting had. And according to this article, the painting traveled to Russia where it was hung in his office and to this day most likely remains to this day. And according to Sergei Skachko, he is not afraid of the painting or the hauntings it is said to give off and has no plan of returning it. 

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