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The Ghosts of St. George’s Church in the Czech Republic

One of the more well known haunted places in the Czech Republic are the spooky ghosts sitting inside of the abandoned and decaying St. George’s Church. But for what reason did the locals make them?

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The Haunted Picture of The Rain Woman 

In the 90s the Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets painted a strange painting known as The Rain Woman. According to those seeing the painting it makes them feel uneasy as if the woman in the painting is watching them. Today the painting has become known as one of the most haunted paintings out there. 

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Cursed and Haunted Paintings

What is art is perhaps just as difficult as explaining what is a haunting. And haunted art? How can that be? Several paintings have strange occurrences, history and tragedy attached to them. From people dying to people feeling a certain way when looking at the paintings, these are some work of art that are claimed to be haunted.