An orphan girl is forever confined to a strange country without her family, trying to lure other children to share her faith.

Far back in 1671, a ship came over from Denmark. In a time when Norway didn’t have its own king, the Lord High Steward of Norway, Gyldenløve, ruled the country in the danish crown service. He was also the founder of the city this story takes place in, Larvik, still a city today. And with it, he built the mansion, also still existing today.


This was a time of living large. The wigs were tall, the make up overdone and the dresses were huge. The french fashion was the only fashion and the kings and nobility had never been stronger. But it was also a more modest soul crossing the ocean. A small girl followed the tailor, because of her skills as a seamstress. The young Danish girl was an orphan and the only relative was a brother, working as a blacksmith in Denmark.

The Medallion

Before her mother died, she had given her daughter a medallion split in two. The one was given to the daughter, the other to her brother. They promised they would reunite the medallion when they met again.. All alone she traveled to work, hoping she would one time be back with her brother and see her country again.


But she never would see the white beaches of Denmark again, never the open flat fields. The last she would see was the bottom of a carp pond.

It had only been a few years since she got to Norway and the year was 1677. It was just after Gyldenløves wedding with his second wife, 17 year old Antoinette Augusta Komtesse Aldenburg. The city was still in a wedding frenzy, but it got a sharp ending.

The Ghosts in the Deep

The girl was found dead, floating in the pond in the garden. She liked to sit there, feeding the fishes, watching them swim under the surface. She never ventured out herself as she didn’t know how to swim. What happened she and the depth of the pond knows. People figured it was an accident, that she fell out and no one heard her cries of help.


The next century was a restless one for the ghost of the little girl. People observed her, haunting the mansion in this strange country she had found herself in. She wanders for years, trying to lure children down to the pond. To help her? To make them suffer the same faith she did?

In any case, the legend has it one can only make her find rest with reuniting her medallions she and her brother shared and thereby giving them peace in the afterlife.

But she isn’t the only one walking the property after her death. There is also suppose to be a grey lady haunting inside the mansion. But of her, we know less of. We know she is supposedly in a paining hanging in the hall called the knight hall. It is the only picture that isn’t identified. When one walk around the room, it says the painting watches. She is also somewhat of a classical poltergeist, moving around the chairs and other activity.


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