The wailing screams echoes through the corridors of hotel Wasilioff in Stavern, Norway. The same can be heard at the coastal fortress on the Citadell island. The same echo of a voice calling after the same person. Peter.


Stavern, a quaint and picturesque summer town in east of Norway by the coast. Several make it their vacation place during the summer times with the cute medieval architecture and history and the white beaches. But during the night, the old and not so pretty side of the seaside town start to appear through the cracks.

Elise and Torndenskiold

A maid named Elise fell in love with the sea hero Peter Wessel (1690-1720), he is better known in Scandinavian circles as Tordenskiold. A true patriot, a war hero. He is even mentioned in the national anthem they still sing today. However this is not the whole story. For one, he had economic interests in the slave trade. He was also a notorious womanizer.

Elise on the other hand was only eighteen years old. As the story goes, he seduced her and brought her to room 216 on the coastal hotel, now called hotel Wasilioff. And even if she became pregnant, he abandoned her after.


Citadell Island

By Stavern there is a military fort built to protect from the Swedes during the Scanian War. It leads over to the small island, connected to the mainland. Today it’s only a tourist attraction, as well as Elise’s final resting place.

ghostly figure behind the curtain

Desperate, despaired and abandoned, she was driven to suicide and drowned herself out on Citadell island. To escape the place she was trapped in. But perhaps she didn’t intend to be roaming along the fortress and in the hotel corridors, looking for the man leaving her.

Guests at the hotel can wake up to nightly callings from the maid. In addition there are always something moving over the floor and furniture that are being moved. The hotel is probably the ones that named her “The Grey Lady of Stavern”.

“One guest asked in the end to be given another room, that is how creepy it was with all the sounds,” hotel management tells to a national newspaper.

Gliding along the fortress, calling for he who tricked her, one can observe her as a slim grey figure that never found rest. A weeping woman in a dress.

A woman scourned.


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