A collection of the ghost stories on haunted hotels.

The Many Ghosts of The Langham Hotel in London

In this luxury hotel in London, there have been talks about ghosts for many decades now. From a murderous doctor, a German Prince and even Napoleon himself, there are many guests at the hotel who never checked out from The Langham Hotel in London. 

The Ghost of the Hello Kitty Murder

The Hello Kitty Murder Case shocked Hong Kong and the world to the core when the skull of a woman was found sewn inside of a Hello Kitty Doll. One of the participant in the torture of the victim claimed that she was haunted by her and for years after the murder, the place itself…

The Ghosts of The Ancient Ram Inn: Exploring a Haunted History 

The Ancient Ram Inn, located in Gloucestershire, UK, is a reputedly haunted destination with witches, demons, ghosts and ghouls all gathered under the same roof. 

The Mysterious Haunted History of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Take a closer look at the paranormal activity linked to Ottawa’s iconic Fairmont Chateau Laurier and the unique stories told about its hauntings.  For 100 years, the legendary Fairmont Chateau Laurier has been the site of strange and unexplained occurrences behind its Tiffany stained glass windows. The old hotel with over 400 rooms is said…

Ghost Stories of Canada’s Infamous Haunted Hotel – The Fairmont Banff Springs 

Canada’s iconic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is known for its legendary haunted stories about the tragic end of a bride to be and a helpful staff, even after their deaths. 

The History and Hauntings of Jamaica Inn 

In the outskirts of the moors in Cornwall with a dark history of smugglers and gothic romances. The Jamaica Inn is a perfect setting for a british ghost story, and according to the legends, it has many. 

The Chilling Tales of The Ghosts Of Kehoe House

Ever heard of the haunted Kehoe House? The historic Bed and Breakfast in Savannah is said the house is filled with ghosts and has more than one chilling story, from spectral lights to mysterious whispers.

The Haunted History of The Stanley Hotel

From rooms filled with terror to séances gone wrong and best seller horror books, discover what really goes on inside The Stanley Hotel and why some say its ghosts still haunt the grounds today. 

The Eternal Guest at Radisson Blu Hotel

Before it was renovated, the staff working at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bergen kept seeing the same ghostly guest over and over that never checked out. 

Hauntings at the Idanha Hotel

The Idanha Hotel has a long story of being haunted. And even after it was renovated to apartment buildings, the stories about the misty apparition, the elevator with a will of its own, and whispering voices in the halls still happens in the building. 

Ghosts in the Ann Starrett Mansion

Refusing to leave their home, the ghosts of Ann Starrett mansion still reside in the Victorian house, haunting the place in Port Townsend. 

The Ghost of La Faraona Haunting the Agua Caliente Hotel

Haunting the iconic Agua Caliente Casino and Hotel in Tijuana, the performer known as La Faraona remains like a ghost from the Golden Age of the Sin City.

The Haunted Vicarage — Sweden’s most ghostly crowded house

Even the home of the priests can’t keep the ghosts at bay. And in this house, the ghosts outnumber the living. 

Hvítárnes — The Haunted Hut on Iceland

In the desolate wilderness there is a hut. And this hut is haunted. Or should we say, the most haunted hut in all of Iceland.

The Grey Lady of Stavern at Hotel Wassilioff

The grey lady of Stavern is a tragic tale, but not a very unique one. She stand together with the rest of the weeping women, filled of grief after being left by a man.

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