Before it was renovated, the staff working at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bergen kept seeing the same ghostly guest over and over that never checked out. 

The Radisson Blu Hotel is built all the way on Bryggen in Bergen and is some of the oldest parts of the city. And although the way it looks now seems modern enough, some old things are maybe still lingering. 

Before they did some major renovations at the Radisson Blu some years ago, the staff that worked at the hotel kept noticing strange things on the second floor close to the nightclub located inside the hotel. 

According to them, the staff kept seeing the same guest over and over again around the hotel but when they looked further into it, strange things about this man were revealed. Turns out, no one had checked him in, but then again, no one had checked him out either. 

The Ghost on the Dancefloor

In the mornings the staff would bump into him in the hallways, especially around the second floor. The man would look like he was ready to party and he would be holding a glass of beer. Other stories from the staff was that they kept finding the glass lying around even if they were certain they had cleaned everything the day before. 

There were also stories about something making the revolving door into the kitchen move without there being someone entering. The ones working there blamed the supposedly eternal guest from the dancefloor. 

The employees at the Radisson Blu Hotel felt so uneasy and they kept reporting about a shadow that followed them through the corridors or seeing someone on the dancefloor, long after closing. 

The Haunted Elevator

It was especially in the elevator that they noticed strange things that seemed out of place. To use it you had to have a special code and was reserved for staff use. But it started to stop at the second floor, close by the nightclub constantly. When the door opened, there was no one there, and the hallway was dark. 

So who could the ghost that never left the hotel? Some unfortunate soul that ended his days on the dancefloor, or perhaps just a man that roamed around the hotel without a room? 


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