On Stokksnes Beach in Iceland you can sometimes see the ghost of a drowned viking coming up from the ocean to haunt the black beach. 

In the southeast parts of Iceland you can find one of the most beautiful and mysterious  beaches there is. Black sand on Stokksnes Beach stretches from the cold and wild ocean water to the dark and snow covered mountains rising up from the ocean. 

The area around Stokksnes Beach was the place for the first settlers on Iceland dating back to the 9th century when the viking came from Scandinavia to find new land. Although today there is nothing more than an abandoned film set for a viking village left nearby. 

Although Stokksnes Beach is breathtakingly beautiful, the beach has also seen its fair share of horrible sights and several strange and paranormal rumors travel up and down the black beaches. Perhaps not so strange in this magical looking landscape perfect to behold the Northern Lights.  

According to local legend, Stokksnes Beach is the place where most shipwrecks have happened in Iceland and many dead and drowned have washed ashore on these beaches. 

For this reason the locals think Stokksnes Beach is haunted. People that have visited the beach tell of seeing stuff like wet footprints leading from the sea when there has not been a single soul to have made them. 

Voices that are carried by the wind and an ever presence of someone watching are also some of the haunted rumors that come from this beach. 

According to some there is a giant and hairy viking man that walks out of the ocean at night, dripping wet rising from his watery grave to haunt the beach.  

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Sea of Ghosts: Is This Beach in Iceland Haunted?


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