Canada’s iconic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is known for its legendary haunted stories about the tragic end of a bride to be and a helpful staff, even after their deaths. 

Two elderly women checked into the hotel and called the bell desk for assistance after their keys wouldn’t work. The bellman on duty had other things to do and wasn’t able to help them for another 15 minutes. 

Another bellman in plaid jacked came and helped the two ladies inside, and when the bellman on duty finally managed to get to the two ladies, they had already unlocked the door. He asked them how they managed and the two ladies said that an old Scotsman in plaid had helped them. The bellman turned white as that description fit perfectly with Sam McCauley, the former head bellman in the sixties and seventies. Problem was though, he had been dead since 1975. 

Step into the storied halls of The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and experience its mysterious history. The iconic establishment has been tantalizing travelers with tales of hauntings and long-forgotten ghost stories since 1888, making it one of Canada’s most interesting haunted hotspots.

Introducing the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a historic hotel located in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Built in 1888 by railway magnate William Cornelius Van Horne and designed by architect Walter S. Painter, the grand chateau-style building has been a Canadian landmark for more than 130 years. 

Its picturesque setting in the Canadian Rockies at 1414 meters altitude makes it perfect for an unforgettable stay.

History of the Hotel 

With its long and fascinating history, it’s no surprise the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is rumored to be haunted. Built in 1888 for pioneering Canadian Railway chief William Cornelius Van Horne, the hotel was originally used as a grand chateau-style residence for railway employees before becoming a popular tourist destination. 

The hotel has seen many events over the years, from royal visits to mysterious disappearances – all of which have contributed to its reputation as one of Canada’s top haunted locations.

There are more than one ghosts supposedly haunting the hotel, like Sam the bellman who is mostly spotted at the 9th floor, helping guests, but vanishing into thin air if you try to strike up a conversation or try to tip him. 

The Bride of The Hotel

The most famous ghost of the hotel is the story of the Ghosts Bride. She even dates back to the 1920s and got so famous she even appeared on her own stamp and coin. 

According to the legend, she was walking down the hotel’s marbled staircases on her wedding day. She was dressed up in her wedding gown, a long ting that dragged along the staircases. Some say she got her heel on the dress and slipped, some say she brushed up against a candle and burst into flames. 

No matter what caused it, it ended in the same way, she died on those step before she were able to get married. 

After her death, guests have claimed to have seen a ghostly figure ascending from the stairs, still trying to reach the last step. Others have claimed to have seen a woman wearing a wedding dress in the ballroom upstairs, dancing alone while she is still waiting for the first dance with her husband. 

Watch Out for Room 873 – The Haunted Suite 

The Fairmont Banff Springs is home to many haunted stories, but none quite as spine-tingling and mysterious as that of Room 873. According to local folklore and anecdotes from guests, the room’s occupants often experience strange noises, sudden temperature drops, and even the feeling of being touched in the night. 

Some have reported seeing apparitions walking up and down the halls outside – though no one knows what the specter could be. Despite these eerie tales, visitors still flock to the hotel each year for a chance to encounter its legendary hauntings.

One of the theories about who is haunting the premise is the old legend that once an entire family was murdered inside. 

Today the door is bricked up and looks like the rest of the wall in the hallway, but according to the stories, the ghosts of the murdered family still get out late at night. 

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