A collection of the haunted ghost stories, urban legends, folktales and the paranormal of Norway.

The Haunted Dungeon at Rosenkrantz Tower

The Rosenkrantz Tower in Bergen Norway is one of the oldest buildings still standing and was once the house for kings. Today it is used as a museum and perhaps they also have some of the oldest ghosts still lingering in the dungeon. 

The Ghost Monks at Lyseklosteret

In the ruins of Lyse Abbey there are rumors about the ghost monks haunting the ruins as well as a white lady roaming the roads around it.  Lyse Abbey or Lyseklosteret is a former cistercian monastery that was built in Os, right outside of Bergen in Norway. There are only ruins of it today, as…

The Friendly Ghost Octavia at Den Nationale Scene

At Den Nationale Scene theater in Bergen there is a ghost named Octavia that haunts the place. She is said to be a helping ghost, taking care of the staff and helping the actors remember their lines.  There is a rule somewhere that every theatre needs a ghost, even if the building is new or…

The Haunted Natural History Museum in Bergen

There is not only one ghost story inside of the Natural History Museum in in the cobbled streets of Bergen in Norway. From everything from the ghost of a former zoologist, cursed Egyptian statues and an executed revolutionary, the museum has it all to see at the price of an entrance ticket. 

The Haunted Restaurant Bryggen Tracteursted

The Medieval buildings on the old harbour in Bergen, there is a restaurant that has continued with the old tradition. And on Bryggen Tracteursted, it is said that a ghost still lingers. Behind Bryggen in Bergen, Norway there are small restaurants and shops in the old Hanseatic wooden buildings that are an old fusion of…

The Eternal Guest at Radisson Blu Hotel

Before it was renovated, the staff working at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bergen kept seeing the same ghostly guest over and over that never checked out. 

The Mantelgeist of the Fortress

Because of the cold winter with no food, people starved to death, even inside the castle walls. And ever since then, the ghost of the queens chambermaid still haunts the castle, known as the Mantelgeist.

Ghost of the Cathedral — The Bloody Monk in Nidarosdomen

From medieval times, history and bloody memories lingers in one of the only and longest standing cathedrals in Norway.

The Malcanis Guarding the Fortress

In Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway, there are rumours about something strange haunting the former castle. There is a legend of a ghost of a dog haunting the place, called the Malcanis, or Evil Dog as it means.

The Ghost Girl in the Pond at the Manor House in Larvik

An orphan girl is forever confined to a strange country without her family, trying to lure other children to share her faith.

5 Haunted Attractions to Visit

A list of five haunted attraction you can visit as a tourist.

The Lingering Presence of a Nazi Ghost at Skaugum

The lingering presence of a high ranking Nazi leader is still hiding and wandering in the bunkers used in the war.

The Grey Lady of Stavern at Hotel Wassilioff

The grey lady of Stavern is a tragic tale, but not a very unique one. She stand together with the rest of the weeping women, filled of grief after being left by a man.

Bærums Verk — Most Haunted Village in Norway

In an old iron foundry settlement, the once upon the time leader cannot find any rest in death.

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