Norway 1945.

High Ranking: Terboven (seated 2nd from right) with minister president Quisling, SS boss Himmler and von Falkenhorst in 1941.
High Ranking: Terboven (seated 2nd from right) with minister president Quisling, SS boss Himmler and von Falkenhorst in 1941.
Foto: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

No one has flagged with the Norwegian flag in a long time. Five years. But it is all about to change. 8th of May is approaching, the liberation day and the freeing of the nations are a couple of minutes from being announced.

But there are some the freedom is nearing its end however. The Reichskommissar for the occupied Norwegian areas, Josef Terboven have an arrest order on his name. He knows the war is over and that it will be showed no mercy from the allied forces, not from the people he spent five years at oppressing.

The Reichskommissar in the Bunker

Terboven_statsakten The Reichskommissar: Josef Terboven.
The Reichskommissar: Josef Terboven.
Source: Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway) @ Flickr Commons

As Reichskommissar, he was the one giving the orders that would send the people of the nation to the camps, that would end their life in prison or on the run. He was responsible for the executions, everything. He brought death penalty to leave the country without permission, listen to illegal radio, taken with illegal newspapers and help war prisoners and refuges. He was by the end of the war, one of the most hated men in Norway.

All of this is hanging over his shoulders that day in May. He sits in his bunker at Skaugum, a farm originally owned by the Royal Family. He once barged in, chased the royal family away and started living there. Now, he himself is the one that is about to be chased away.

The bunker is only 200 meter from the main house the crown prince owns and stays in today. On that day in 1945 Terboven realized that all hope for a German victory was out of question and hid. Redieß , the SS boss in the country had already killed himself by gun. “That was early, he beat me to it”, he commented on the suicide. He brought fifty kg of dynamite and that is how he ended his days. He blew himself up to avoid being prosecuted. At 23:30, he detonated himself along with the body of Redieß. The SS spent the rest of the next day until Norwegian police came to burn it all down.

The Ghost

Bundesarchiv_Bild_119-0779,_Sturmabteilung_aus_Essen Early days: Josef Terboven with the national party: NSDAPs paramilitary street troops in 1926.
Early days: Josef Terboven with the national party: NSDAPs paramilitary street troops in 1926. 
Foto: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

This is also were he will spend his eternity. For a long time after the war, it has been reports about activities that no one has been able to explain. It is the sound of voices and steps out in the halls that belong to no one.

His Majesty The King’s Guard; the Royal Guards are the ones guarding the Royal property today. And there is also there the stories comes from. There are also placed calls from the outmost guard post when no one is placed there. Remember the people hearing this is people in the military, and shouldn’t be spooked by shadows. But perhaps there is more to it than just something in the corner of their eyes?

A common factor for all of this is that it is all happening right by the bunker. The guards working there are of the opinion of that it is all contributed to Terboven, that never got peace after his death and roams the property.


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