In an old nazi soldier camp in Germany called Conn Barracks there are still those thinking they never left. Several American soldiers tell about the ghost of them still haunting the place.

One of the most freakiest types of barracks are the ones that were used as a Nazi psych ward during world war two. The Conn Barracks is just outside of the Schweinfurth city limits in Germany. 

The Conn Barracks was before the war, known as Flugplatz Schweinfurt, constructed as a Luftwaffe airfield particularly for Stuka pilots built in 1936. During the war it was a bomber base mainly, and according to legend, also used as a sort of hospital or a psych ward of some sort. 

Although not likely to be the main thing for the barracks, it makes sense there was some sort of hospital-like place during this type of place during the war. Especially considering this particular barrack went through seventeen bombing attacks from the allied.

After the war the Americans took control and renamed the whole place Schweinfurt Air Base which Conn Barracks is a part of. Like many former Nazi camps, barracks and other military places it was in the hands of the American Military and it was used by them until 2014 when most American forces pulled out of Germany. At its peak Schweinfurt Air Base housed around 11 000 people, soldiers as well as their families. 

The Nazi Soldier and Bloody Nurse

When Conn Barracks was used as living quarters by the Americans, they occupied the space above a former drainage room where the Nazis stored their bodies before embalming them, according to the stories. Whether true or not is a bit tricky to confirm or deny, but in any case it is from these particular rooms many of the paranormal reports about Conn Barracks come from. 

At least two American soldiers on two separate occasions in the same room. In the middle of the night they woke from their sleep and saw a Nazi soldier together with a nurse covered in blood, standing by their beds. 

The soldiers are unable to move at all as the visitations from the ghosts are there. The Nazi soldier kept saying something to the nurse in German, almost as if he was giving orders. The nurse leans over the bed with a sad face and chokes the soldier until they go back to sleep. 

More Than One Ghost

But it is not only bloody nurses and nazi soldiers that have been whispered about in Conn Barracks. 

Another ghost that allegedly haunts the old barracks is that of a young woman carrying a fetus as she floats down the hallways. Who and what happened there will probably remain a mystery. 

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