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The Battle of Gettysburg, Pa., July 3rd, 1863
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Ghost Stories from the Gettysburg Battlefield

Haunted by eerie stories and mysterious legends, the Gettysburg Battlefield is home to supernatural phenomena like the legendary Ghost of Gettysburg. 

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Yeongdeok Haunted House

Named one of the most haunted houses in South Korea, this house has attracted its fair share of ghost tourists. But is the Yeongdeok Haunted House really haunted by the death of Korean soldiers during the war, or is it simply the decaying look of the house that made the legend?

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Minxiong Ghost Mansion

Minxiong haunted house, otherwise known as the Liu Mansion is located In the Taiwanese countryside and the old baroque mansion left abandoned and decayed by weather and time. And after being abandoned by the owners, rumours of ghosts started to be told and the mansion is one of the well known haunted places around.