The look of the Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park in South-Korea has made it a popular place for a photoshoot during the day. But an abandoned place like this also comes with haunting rumors about a little girl that tragically died on one of the rides and that haunts the empty place as a ghost to this day. 

Abandoned amusement parks are one of the most beautiful haunted places to exist. Yongma Land (용마랜드) opened in 1980 as a family friendly amusement park and was a popular destination for the local families the first decade after it opened in Seoul in South Korea. 

But then, bigger and brighter amusement parks like Lotte World opened in 1989 and people turned to that instead and they closed down in 2011. But was it only because of poor business that the park decided to shut down the rides, or was it because of a tragic death that the legend will have it as? 

The Ghost in Yongma Land

The hauntings of the place are not only the close down rides and eerie mood that surrounds the place after dark according to popular rumors and legends. Reports of the voice of a little girl is something more than one visitor has heard among the silent amusement rides and 80s nostalgia. This is supposedly the voice of a little girl that allegedly died on a ride back in 2011. 

This is the very incident that is said to have been the reason that the park closed down back in 2011, though no evidence of this incident to have ever occured has been provided and is most likely the rumor the atmosphere creates. And the official statement is that Yongma Land closed down due to poor business.

Even so, a handful of people still claim that the voice of a girl like this is exactly what they heard in the supposedly abandoned amusement park.

K-Pop and Showbiz 

This reportedly haunted place is not only for the paranormal interested either and the main attraction is not for paranormal seekers but rather people looking for a good location for a photoshoot. 

This abandoned theme park has in the later years been the site of music videos of iconic K-pop groups like Twice’s ‘Like OOH-AHH’ and Crayon Pop’s ‘Bar Bar Bar’ used this place to shoot. 

It has also been featured in numrous of K-Dramas and famous idols photoshoots and therefore tourists visits not only for the ghosts, but also for their favorite idols music videos sites and to relive scenes from their drama series. 

It has a certain rustic charm to it in daylight for a beautiful backdrop in photos and videos. Even today you can walk around in the 80 nostalgia of Sailor Moon statues and vintage looking posters and rides. 

But when the darkness befalls the silent joy rides and the rest of the park, the mood changes to a slightly more haunted one, even when the caretaker of the place turns on the lights for your night shoots.

Although a closed down park, the place still has its entrance fees at around 10 000 KRW for an adult to behold the wonderful magic of decay and nostalgia all in one, and perhaps take a moment to listen for the sound of a little girl among the silent and closed down rides. 

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