Number 54 in Junkerngaasse, Bern might be hiding more than just old history and dust. The legends of this long abandoned house just won’t let go.

unrecognizable woman in white dress near abandoned building
Headless: The woman without a head seems to still lingers in the old parts of Bern.
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Taking a stroll down the eye catching Junkerngaasse is like taking a stroll through time. The old architecture of old Bern, Switzerland is all around as the best preserved street in the city. The street was once called Edle Gasse (Noble Lane), and it gives a hint of who used to live here. Stately houses with Baroque façades and big garden terraces still give off these noble vibes as you walk along the street, feeling the fresh air of the Swizz cities in your lungs as well as the old history of the city on your shoulders.  

Along the noble houses there are prominent families and old money that can be smelled just as well as the wild gardens and decaying houses fight amongst themselves to be noticed. Inside number 54 though, it is said even the old ghosts of the house, still lingers. It is an abandoned house and has been unoccupied for decades and therefore the legends and rumours of the house are old and plentiful. Most likely it was always used as a stable for nearby houses like the Von-Wattenwyl-House, but from the outside it looks like a normal residential building.

Who started this story originally is still a mystery as the house was built in the middle ages but left empty since the 1800s. Therefore names and faces, facts and dates are muddled. According to the story however, around twelve and one in the morning the windows of the house opens and the ghost of a headless woman appears, laughing, creeping out anyone that catches a glimpse of her. There are also tales of a woman in black that seems to be walking through the rooms of the house.


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