In Monts d’Arree France there is a decommissioned power plant that are called The Gate to Hell, and rumors about a child ghosts with a dark history of devil worshippers haunts the Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant.

The Monts d’Arree Nuclear Reactor is an important piece of history that has had lasting effects on the region. Exploring the decommissioned nuclear reactor, let’s find out why it is called ‘The Gates of Hell’ by the locals.

Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant

Located in Monts d’Arree, France, the Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant has had lasting impacts on the surrounding region. It was commissioned in 1967 as an experimental reactor with heavy water and cooled with carbon dioxide.

The power plant was heavily criticized though and two explosions damaged one of the turbines and destroyed a telephone circuit in 1975. The Liberation Front of Brittany, a paramilitary organization to separate Brittany region from France claimed responsibility. They came back and in 1979 they managed to destroy electrical lines from the plant and it shut down. To this day, it is the only time a terrorist group managed to shut down a nuclear power plant. 

Decommissioned and Shut Down of Monts d’Arree Nuclear Reactor

Controversies over the plant have been since its inception, and there have been found leaks of residual pollution and plutonium in the groundwater after the Sulzer Incident in 1988. 

In 1985, the reactor was shut down for good and is the first nuclear plant that was decommissioned in France. But to decommission a power plant takes time because of the nuclear energy and radiation that are dangerous to just waste and it is still in the process of it. 

The Gates of Hell

So why is the former power plant called the ‘Gates of Hell’ by the locals? After it was decommissioned and abandoned as a power plant, certain rumors and urban legends started to grow. 

One of the urban legends about the place is that a little girls was sacrificed by devil worshippers there. The ghost of her and her little dog is one of the most spotted ghosts that are reported on by the locals. 

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