Explore Palavas-les-Flots, the haunted coastal city of France and learn about its mysterious supernatural phenomena of the ghost of a hitchhiking woman in white.

Palavas-les-Flots is a coastal city in France with a mysterious history. It has been the site of many supernatural experiences, including ghost sightings and numerous unexplained phenomena. Discover the spooky secrets behind this haunted city today!

Palavas-les-Flots is located within the historic Camargue region of France. A walk through the narrow, cobblestoned streets of Palavas-les-Flots will bring you past some of the city’s most mysterious and supernatural sites. 

Dame Blanches in French Folklore

One of the most pervasive supernatural mythologies associated with Palavas-les-Flots is that of the Dames blanches, or White Ladies. These mysterious figures are said to wander through fields and forests near the city, bringing with them both luck and misfortune to those who encounter them. 

They are known way back from myths and folklore as well and quite well spread in European ghost stories. Tales of these enigmatic creatures have been told for centuries, inspiring many artistic interpretations and offering a glimpse into a fantastic world beyond our own.

Today however they are most often told about in the deepest and oldest castles as ghost of ladies that died gruesome deaths, or along the road as women who died in a road accident of some sort. Very often they are mixed in with the urban legend of the hitchhiker. 

Dame Blanches in Palavas-les-Flots in 1981

Many people from the town claimed to have seen one of these mysterious White Ladies late at night near the water. They described the figure as incredibly tall, with flowing white robes and an otherworldly presence. 

There was one occurrence that became more famous than others. One night on May 20th, 1981 a group of four people aged 17 to 25 were taking their car for a trip to the sea. After a couple of drinks and a walk in the city they were headed back home around midnight. 

The people picked up a female hitchhiker in Palavas-les-Flots right before the Pont des Quatre Canals. 

She was dressed in a white raincoat and a scarf and looked to be in her fifties. She refused to speak and sat in the back of the car. Suddenly she would scream: Mind the turn, mind the turn , and the driver slows down and drives safely past the bend. 

Suddenly, the two passengers in the back scream out as the hitchhiker disappears into thin air. What exactly happened that night on the road in Palavas-les-Flots remains a mystery.

All the Woman in White Ghosts

While the White Ladies like the one told about from Palavas-les-Flots remain some of France’s most famous supernatural figures, and are hardly the only ones. Across the country, similar legends exist about white women in traditional northern French clothing lurking near places like cemeteries and abandoned houses at night. Whether or not these sightings actually occur is up to debate, but one thing remains certain: The mysterious stories will continue to captivate people for years to come.

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