The trend of “Get Ready With Me” Youtube videos has been extremely popular the last years. Even celebrities through well established fashion magazines are doing it, but it all started on Youtube with independent creators. The Youtubers would go through their morning of make-up routine while telling a story, everything from what I did this summer, to questions and answers. But a more fun and creative way was when great story tellers started telling great scary stories. Here are some of the content creators that has some great scary GRWM videos.

Bailey Sarian

Perhaps one that put a new and high standard to these videos was the ever so wonderful Bailey Sarian with her “Mystery & Makeup” series. Not a paranormal ghost story channel exclusively, but the dramatic looks and macabre stories she does is definitely aligning with the horror aesthetic. She has also done a couple of paranormal stories, like talking about her haunting in her own house,Elizabeth Bathory, the exorcism of Anna Ecklund, Candyman among others. And hopefully, this Halloween will inspire her to tell more scary stories, as her way of telling them are great.


Robert Welsh

One content creator that does ghost stories exclusively in his story time is, Robert Welsh. He is a professional makeup artist on Youtube that does a lot of tutorials and gives out helpful makeup advise, but he is as an avid paranormal fan as well. He has this series Ghost Stories & Makeup  where he reads out his subscribers own ghost stories they send him. And with the matching makeup, you will definitely get some inspiration to your Halloween look.



This Youtuber is a self taught SFX artist, that has worked her way through the Hollywood movie sets before starting her own Youtube channel. And although she is on an undefined hiatus per now (2021) from posting videos, there is a lot of them to go through if you haven’t already. Her she reviews horror movies while doing an impressive cosplay of a character from the movie, doing her makeup in haunted places and going on ghost hunts.

If horror movies are more your thing than haunted locations, she also has done a couple of videos that are her reviewing and putting her film degree to use, various bad horror movies. And while at it, making a really great look from those movies.



This Youtuber is mostly doing her vintage hair tutorials, clothing hauls and makeup tutorials. But she as well tried out the make up and ghost stories trend in a playlist called FREAKY FRIDAY. Sadly it ended with the 16 episode, but if you are in the mood for a Pin Up look as well as a ghost story, you should check them out.


Ashlee Lillie

Every look this girl does will definitely fit with a Halloween vibe, and although she has morphed into more of a drama channel the last year, she still has her paranormal ghost stories up there. What the difference is with hers though is that they are her own experiences.


Danielle Kirsty

This British Youtuber is mostly doing a true crime version of GRWM videos sorted with Zodiac oriented playlists, but there are also some horror-related stuff on her channel of the more gorey cases. Like the Candyman story, the origin of American Horror Stories’ Murder House and the story behind the true Jigsaw killer.


The Beauty Breakdown

This Youtuber is mostly focused on wholesome GRWM videos, Hauls and many Korean Skin-care and makeup videos. In addition to this she has a Folklore and Fairytale Friday playlist. Her she focuses on more Asian oriented legends from Asia, everything from mermaids, the Nine Tailed Fox, goblins and Asian ghosts and demons. Sadly, there haven’t been any Friday updates since January, but hopefully they will make their comeback for more.


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