Before the internet became a mix of streaming platform, influencer’s paradise, music streamer, podcast heaven, news broadcaster, gossip channel and a gold mine for those wanting to live of doing crazy stunts or cry into the camera – before all this, it was this weird place of the worlds weirdest home videos and the place were urban legends were in making. This is some of them.

Sonee – The Scariest Picture on the Internet

When it hit Youtube in 2006, it was already a thriving legend in China. It told the story of Sonee, the artist of this picture which she uploaded before killing herself. Now, the picture is haunted, altering if you stare at it long enough to see the changes. This was an excellent way to spend five minutes, just sitting, staring into the screen for five minutes, waiting for something to happen. The story never really died though, as it kept popping up as creepypastas, chain mails, forum threads, and even on the New York Times as well.

In reality the picture is another example of how art is stolen, never credited, but still popular. It was originally made by Robert Chang, an artist, and the name of the character was princess Ruu, an original character of his story Tellurian Sky. And according to a blog, the fact that someone stole his character like that, kind of bugs him a lot.


Dining Room or There is Nothing

In 2006, a great year for weird videos, this trip of a movie hit the page. Surreal art was perhaps not that well known for being on Youtube at the time and the viewers didn’t really know how to place it. Of course, this clip had to be curse. Since then, the video has topped so many lists of creepy videos.

The video is actually made by David Earle, and on his web page he explains the bizarre concept. “When looped, there is no actual beginning or end, and no real sense of where the beginning and end actually are. This piece was inspired by a personal paradoxical desire for empirical proof that there is nothing on the ‘other’ side of life. I wanted to blur the distinction between the two states, and to state the paradox by showing someone who is coming back from life (or death), and denies its existence, thereby fulfilling the paradox.”


A Curva – Teresa Fidalgo

This one still pops up from time to time, either as a clip, a screenshot on Snapchat, a chain mail (which actually still goes around i suppose.) Still, no one has managed to actually debunk this found footage clip, as the first search results of Teresa Fidalgo is stuff like: Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?, How did Teresa Fidalgo Die?

In reality the idea was conceived by Portuguese film maker David Rebordão when he went around promoting another movie. Today, the world is perhaps a bit too saturated with the found footage clip, but back in the day, this was the bomb.


Ghost Girl

Still popping up on videos compiling: ‘unexplained videos’, the clip is up and thriving. The simple shot of an amateur shot of a silhouette of a girl in a dark hallway, is more effective than the most expensive movie set could give. It is still something that flashes before many peoples eyes every time they open a door to a dark hallway.

The user that uploaded this years ago, had some other clips along the lines of: ‘crazy ghost video’ style, but even more strangely, there has never been a big reveal like with the other videos. Nothing of the likes of: ‘this was a great prank by me and my daughter’ or anything. Makes it… Well. Scary.


The Swedish Rhapsody

A weird sound, a cute ice cream car music and a German girl counting. Creepy as hell. And this was found when browsing the radio. And when it hit the digital world, it became a case study of all kinds of conspiracies. A polish radio haunted by the ghost of a German girl from the war, you name it.

However, perhaps this is the one video, were the truth could be seen as more sinister or scary than a ghost haunting a radio station ever could. Because the thing with number stations, is that they are completely real, and most likely, used by intelligence agencies. The sounds are codes or messages trying to reach spies, warning them, or keeping them up to date.


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