There are certain games that makes you laugh, that are just for fun. Then there are the games that makes your skin crawl, that makes your blood pumps. If you haven’t already, head over and have a look at part one of this series:

For Games to Play in the Dark: Part 1

Games to play in the dark

A collection of five games to play in the dark. Or not, depending how in touch with the spirits one feels.

This is a list of games that have been played for a long time, or new. Some are old in its new form. Many of these games are best played in the dark in the middle of the night, far from any other sounds. Some you are tired of, as we do with old games, some are always a welcomed suggestion to do.

Darumasan or The Bath Game

Darumasan ga Koronda is an equivalent to the American Red light/Green light game or the British Grandmother’s Footsteps. It literary means ‘the daruma fell over’. And like the weeping angels version on this child’s game, the Japanese version also has a more sinister version.

Traditional Toy: A Daruma doll (達磨, daruma)

Daruma doll is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll. Though considered a toy by some, Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese. It also holds some spiritual symbolism as well. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement.

The Darumesan or today known more as ‘The Bath Game’, is a sort of ritual game of summoning evil. It is said it is summoning a girl that slipped in the tub and poked her eye out. That is why the ghost of her only has one eye. It was difficult finding an original source as it is a game supposedly old, but of Japanese origin. The oldest mention on this was on certain Japanese forums from the 2011/2012 that talked about it as an urban legend. Seems like the game evolved as a sort of protection against it.

What follows here however, is how the game has been played in later years.

It is a one player game and only require on thing: A bathtub.

Part One

Before you go to bed, take a bath with the light turned off. Face the tap, close your eyes and begin to wash your hair.

While washing, repeat the words, Daruma-san fell down. Continue to wash your hair, chanting this and do not open your eyes.

This is when you will start getting a mental image of the woman in the tub, slipping ang falling face into the tap and poke her eye out. Do not turn around if you hear a noise behind you, do not open your eyes to check if you feel movement in the tub. But ask out loud: “Why did you fall in the bathtub?”

After this, get out of the tub without opening your eyes. Without draining the water, leave the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.

Now go to sleep.

Part two


The minute you open your eyes, the game has begun. Throughout the day, you will feel a constant presence behind you. Turning to look at her will not work, but you might catch the occasional glimpses of her lingering over your right shoulder, her hair black and tangled, her eye socket empty and hollow.

As the day press on, she will etch closer and gloser to you. If she is too close shout Tomare, meaning stop and run. However, for each time you shout this at her, the less effective it will be.

Part Three

At the end of the day, it is time to end the game. Look directly at her over your right shoulder, sever the bond you have created between you two.

Shout: Kitta, meaning something along the lines of ‘I cut you loose’. While saying this, swing your arm in a chopping motion. You must have her in sight while doing this.

Done correctly, the game is now over. If not, well… it is recommended to run away.

Bloodbath, Bath, Crime, Bath Additive, Psychopath


Some claim to avoid dark and places with a lot of water.

The ending mus be done before midnight, or else, you are granting her permission to stay and enter your dreams.

When doing the game a second time, it is said she will start were you left her off. Hopefully, she was far enough away from you. It will not be as easy to escape her otherwise.


11 Miles Game

photo of gray concrete road in the middle of jungle during daylight
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This is also a game, of online presence and can be traced back to username Emeryy on creepypasta. The original creepypasta story has now been deleted in 2018 on the authors request. It is however narrated by a Youtube Narrator and is probably pretty close to the original creepypasta which is writte as a sort of instruction to a game.

It is a bit different game as it is clearly a work of fiction. However, there is something about the classical mythical journey that will reward all of your desires if you just stick to the rules that keeps the appeal, still after the story itself is deleted.

The game is suppose to help you get a prize after following a set of rules on a road that isn’t technically there. It is a magical story game and balances the fine line of thrilling adventure to creepy nightmares.

Before you Begin

There is some things to consider before starting the game. First, the game is about desire and finding something you are looking for. So you are suppose to have a goal or a wish before you start.

It is a game of solitude and can only be played alone. Oh, and by the way, you will be needing a car. It was specified in the creepypasta it shouldn’t be a very noticeable car.

Then there is the list of stuff you can’t do. If you do it, you will fail the test and can’t claim the prize. Besides, there is something lurking outside your car. You won’t find out what happens with those if you break the rules. They are as follows:
– Do not turn on the radio or cellphone
– Do not open the windows or try to leave your car
– Do not drive over thirty miles per hour

The Game

Fuel up your car and start driving when night falls and few people are around.

Finding the road is difficult, it isn’t on any maps, shouldn’t exist and can’t be located by asking around. You will only find it when aimlessly driving around, preferably near a forest. It will appear different for everyone.


Once you’ve found the road, take a turn and drive it. This is were the test comes in. The air will appear colder and figures will appear in the darkness. Ignore them and keep your eyes on the road.

When you reach the dirt path of the road voices will begin whispering. Ignore them as well. When reaching a clearing you will find an endless lake with a bright moon hovering over it. Do not look at the moon.

Now the radio will start acting up, the headlights will start to fail. Ignore it all don’t look in the mirror. Eyes on the road, remember the speed limit.

When you have driven around nine miles, your car will fail. This is not something you can fix. The only thing to do is close your eyes and restart the car. Figures will surround your car, but don’t look. Just restart the car. When reaching ten miles, all will go back to normal.

vehicles on the road
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On the eleventh mile however, your car will stop again. But it will still move. Move towards a red light. Close them again, and cover your ears. The once cold air will become hot.

But don’t worry, it will end. You will reach a dead end. Then take a minute, relax, imagine what you desired, perhaps it changed during the journey. It will then appear before your eyes or happen soon enough.

After the Game

If you follow all of the rules, you will be fine, your journey will end. And you’ve overcome the tests, making you worthy of the prize.

From then on, you will suffer from terrible dreams, but it will be worth it. Or… will it?


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