In the night at The River Road Bridge in Idaho you can hear the sound of a splash without having dropped anything in the river. Stories about the ghost of a woman that hanged herself from the bridge keeps haunting the place. 

Stories tell a dark tale of this bridge. Apparently The River Road Bridge was once the place where a woman hanged herself. She is still said to haunt the bridge and the Boise river below in Caldwell, Idaho. 

The River Road Bridge that was once known as the Silver Bay Bridge was built in 1922 and has spurned several crazy legends of hauntings and scary stuff happening around the bridge. It used to be the place on the Boise river where the pioneers on the Oregon Trail crossed the river so it certainly has experienced its fair share of tragedy. But most of them either lead to or come from the legend of the woman that allegedly hanged herself from it. 


The Hanged Woman of The River Road Bridge

There are several variations of who this woman was and why she did what she did. The most often told story though is that she was a mistress that found herself pregnant without anywhere or anyone to go to after she was cast aside. 

The identity of the woman is rarely discussed when speaking of the legend, but sometimes she is referred to as Mary, as so many female ghosts are. Was there really a woman that hung herself by the name of Mary from the bridge? Perhaps it was, although most likely not as it probably would have left some traces in history, especially considering it must have been at earliest in the 1920s.

In some variation she was the illegitimate daughter of the American author, Stephen Crane. There are also stories about it was a local pig farmer with a wealthy family that had her hung from The River Road Bridge to avoid any scandal. 

Paranormal Investigation 

Either way, the paranormal rumors of the bridge draws visitors from the whole state to have a look and carry out different investigations. Many claim to have found proof of something supernatural going on. 

There are also talks about strange lights in a spot of a tiny island below the bridge that light up in the night without a known reason. There is also the sound of a splash as if something hits the water below without anything being dropped. 

An urban legend that lingers after the story is about how to spot the woman at night at The River Road Bridge. According to urban legend, you take your car and park it at night on the bridge and turn the lights off. If you do this, you will see the shadow of her on the side of the bridge. 


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