Known as Canada’s most haunted object, the antique doll that follows the museums visitors with her glass eyes and cries in the night.  

The haunted doll known as Mandy was donated to the Quesnel & District Museum in British Columbia, Canada in 1991 by a woman called Lisa Sorensen. The doll was from her grandmother that she found when cleaning out the house. She had just had a baby of her own, but didn’t want her daughter near the doll as she had noticed strange things about it. 


She told the museum when she donated the doll that it kept her up during the nights. In the night she would wake up in the night to the sound of a crying baby in the basement. But when she checked there was nothing there. The doll started to scare the owner and she decided to give it away. After she had given away Mandy to the museum, she no longer heard the cries of a baby. 

The only connection the family now has with the doll is the name, which she gave after her own daughter: Mereanda, or Mandy. 

Night at the Museum

Now Mandy the doll sits in a locked cabinet, her eyes reportedly following the visitors with her cracked porcelain face as well as the staff at the museum. 

The staff remembers well when Mandy first came to them. They left her in the lab overnight when taking her pictures to add to the collection. When they came into work the next morning, they found the lab trashed, almost like a temper tantrum to a child. And since then, strange occurrences have only kept on happening. 

Small stuff would start vanishing without a trace and even the staff’s lunches would start disappearing from the fridge and appear in random drawers. 

Electronic devices are said to malfunction in the doll’s presence, especially when trying to get her picture your camera light will go off and on. 

The museum gave Mandy a stuffed lamb to keep her company, but would the next day find the lamb tossed outside of Mandy’s locked cabinet. Although many of the practical people would dismiss these happenings as purely coincidental with a perfectly logical explanation, the legend of the haunted doll kept growing.

Haunted by the Grief of a Bereaved Mother

The doll is supposedly around a century old and even got to meet up with a medium to examine her past on a show. The medium was Silvia Brown and she meant that the doll had once belonged to twins that died of polio. And the energy that the doll gave off was that of the mother to the twins and her sorrow she somehow implanted the doll. 


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