This porcelain doll named Ruby will give the people playing with her an instant sorrow and sense of sickness, just by holding her. Family legend has it that the doll is haunted by a little girl that died with Ruby in her arms.

Ruby the Doll had a special talent when she was living with her family. That talent was moving from room to room, all on her own. No wonder her owners didn’t want to play with her as she was so cursed that she made the people holding her feeling sick, sad and sometimes, even nauseous. 

Even with the cutesy blue eyes and golden locks, she is definitely not the scariest looking doll there is out there, but there is still something about the way she watches you with her porcelain eyes. The family that originally owned her certainly seemed to think so and thus kept her hidden away.


Instead the doll was passed down from generation to generation and put away in attics and basements, but they would constantly find her in other rooms than they put her in. 

Haunted Porcelain

She is a porcelain doll from the early 1900s from Southern Ontario in Canada and belonged to a young girl of the same family that always had her in their possession, who passed away while she was holding Ruby in her arms allegedly. 

The family even contacted a psychic medium once to get rid of the spirit that seemed to have attached itself to the doll. But it seemed to have failed as the strange occurrences around the doll kept happening. 

Ruby The Haunted Doll: This little doll is said to be of the haunted and cursed kind. Visitors claim they feel unwell and get a sense of overwhelmingly sadness when being close to the doll. // Photo: Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult

Since then she’s been creeping out every generation that inherited her. Not only by disappearing and appearing in different rooms, but also because of the strange sounds that seem to be coming from the doll. 

Traveling Occult Objects

She is currently traveling with the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult that collects strange, occult and haunted objects, just like Ruby. Together they travel to places curious about the rarities of the occult. Thank God Ruby seems to always have enjoyed traveling. 

She was given to the museum from a friend whose family had Ruby hidden away in a cardboard box. 

And according to the owners, Greg Newkirk and Dana Mathew, visitors often get a feeling of sorrow from the doll, but also a sense of maternity and an urge to rock the little doll back and forth for comfort. 


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