Sometimes the sound of someone gasping for air is heard over the deep waters in Lake Lowell, Idaho. Some claim it is the ghost of a girl who drowned at Gotts Point a long time ago that is still trying to get to the shore. 

The deep waters can be a treacherous place. One wrong move and you will never reach the shores of safe land ever again. Stories about ghosts of drowned are some of the oldest ghost stories we have and they come from all. From the deep blue sea, fierce rivers and the dark waters of lakes. 

Gotts Point is a place between Nampa and Caldwell in Idaho and bears such a haunting legend. The beautiful Lake Lowell is home to much wonderful wildlife as well as haunting stories of the people that drowned there. 


One of the ghosts that are said to sit under the surface of the water is that of a girl that drowned in the lake in the 1970s when she was water skiing at Gotts Point. She has later been dubbed Lady of the Lake of Lake Lowell to some when telling the legend of her ghost that are sometimes spotted by swimmers or those that walk along the shores.  

The reports include sounds of her gasping for air out in the lake late at night as well as seeing her sitting on a rock along the shore, but disappearing when you get close. 

Her name as well as hard evidence of a girl actually having drowned at that time and place has not surfaced, but considering that many people drown in these parts every year when the summer comes and people are drawn to the water, a ghost of a drowned one doesn’t sound as far fetched at all. 


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