The Lost Children on Rue Des Chantres is still remembered, and sometimes even heard and seen on what is known as the most haunted street in Paris. 

Step onto the mysterious Rue des Chantres, just a couple of meters from the Seine in Paris and you will find yourself surrounded by spine-tingling tales of forgotten tragedies, haunted houses, and long-lost children.

This narrow and small street so close to Notre Dame has a long history and there are whispered rumors about lost souls to true accounts of agony and death. Learn about the sinister side of Rue des Chantres.

The Île de la Cité District in Paris

As one of the oldest parts of Paris, Île de la Cité is a place of legends about spooky happenings. This part of the city was once home to a convent, a castle, and hundreds of haunted houses that are said to be brimming with ghosts from the past. 

Tales have been passed down for centuries about the mysterious happenings between Rue des Chantres and Île de la Cité and people like Heloise from the Romeo and Juliet tale of Heloise and Abelard used to live in this area.

Uncover the History of The Lost Children

The terrifying legend of the Lost Children on Rue des Chantres is based on a true story. In 1910, the water level in Paris rose to an all time high level and flooded the city. Apparently it rose over one and a half meters. 

The city was at the time riddled with sickness, poverty and many suffered from tuberculosis. The hospitals had to rent extra rooms, and it is said they rented them at a hotel called Hotel-Dieu where the children stayed on the first floor. 

The children were allowed to be outside and play during the day and locked up for their safety during the night in their rooms. At the night of the flood they were trapped, helpless and drowned without a chance of escaping. 

The hospital tried to remove the body of the dead children in the night so no one could see, but they were discovered and to this day, many people believe that these poor souls still haunt the street as lost spirits – never having found peace in death.

The Ghost Children on Rue Des Chantres

Ever since that tragic night of the flood, visitors and locals alike have heard the sound of children’s screams coming out of the street as well as laughter from them playing. Some also report strange lights and shadowy figures walking in and out of doorways. Many attribute these sightings to the Lost Children on Rue des Chantres – but whatever their origin, they have certainly left a lasting impression on those brave enough to witness them.

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