Something strange is lurking in the shadows at Avenue Frochot’s notorious Haunted House in Paris. After a Chambermaid was supposedly killed inside of the house, there have been strange things going on according to the neighbors as well as some of the owners.

Enter at your own risk, as the mysterious Haunted House on Avenue Frochot in Paris is filled with secrets and dark forces just waiting to be discovered. Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling adventure that could lead you to discover a hidden world of terror or uncover the truth about what lies deep within the walls of this haunted abode.

Avenue Frochot, Home to Paris’ rich and famous

Avenue Frochot is home to some of Paris’ most affluent and powerful citizens where they live behind the iron fences. It’s also the home of a centuries old mystery – the Haunted House on Avenue Frochot. 

Famous writers and artists of Paris’ bustling art scene have a history of passing through this beautiful avenue. The writers Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo lived here at one time and so did the painter Toulouse-Lautrec who had a studio at no. 15 . 

People like Théodore Chassériau was neighbors to Gustave Moreau and movie director Jean Renoir and jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt also spent time in the avenue. There were also people like the composer Victor Masse, who died inside number 1, and this place are now remembered to be very haunted. 

The Murdered Chambermaid

Although the whole avenue can look a little haunted with their glass stained windows, gargoyles on the front, there is one that is remembered as the most haunted mansion in Paris. 

But it isn’t one of the powerful, rich and famous men that owned the houses that are said to be haunting it. The ghost is said to be the ghost of a chambermaid who was brutally murdered inside of the house at the beginning of the 1900s. While she was working for the director of the Folies Bergère. One day, she was walking up the stairs when she was stabbed with a poker. Her killer was never caught, and she is haunting the place now even after death. 

It’s rumored that in the dead of night, eerie footsteps can be heard echoing off the walls of the Haunted House, even when it’s supposed to stand vacant. Some claim to have seen shadowy figures moving through the windows or even heard disembodied voices coming from within the walls. 

The Curse of Number 1

From then on, there is said to be a curse of the house that was built in 1839. Mathieu Galey was a theater critic that died in the house, paralyzed on his bed, the same place and same position that the composer Victor Massé was a hundred years before. 

Sylvie Vartan bought it in the 1970s, but fled from the house only a few days after moving in. Why? Well, many say it was because of the ghost haunting it. 

Today, there is a professor of medicine living there, refusing any paranormal claims the house has. So perhaps, the curse somehow got broken, and the chambermaid finally moved on. 

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