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The Creepy History of The Haunted Old Spaghetti Factory

Take a journey through the macabre and spooky history of The Haunted Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, a family restaurant where you get a ghost story served with your meal. 

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The Spirits and Ghosts of Yeonpyeong Island

Closer to North Korea than to Seoul, the Yeonpyeong Island has experienced many times the horrors of the war, even in the later years. Legends of the island being hunted are spreading through the locals and visitors alike of the people that have lost their life to it. 


Hauntings at the Idanha Hotel

The Idanha Hotel has a long story of being haunted. And even after it was renovated to apartment buildings, the stories about the misty apparition, the elevator with a will of its own, and whispering voices in the halls still happens in the building.