Put on the lists of most haunted places of South Korea, the once abandoned building of Neulbom Garden Restaurant, saw its fair share of ghosts. 

The Neulbom Garden Restaurant (늘봄가든) The building is located in Jecheon in North Chungcheong Province.  The restaurant is one of the most haunted places in South Korea according to most lists, blogs, youtube channels and articles. Often grouped together with the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital.

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Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

Arguably the most famous haunted place in South Korea is the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. When it was still standing it attracted a lot of ghost hunters, curious tourists and urban explorers. What was it behind the place that drew all these people?

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The story goes that the restaurant was once a very successful one that was run by a couple. They had a young daughter with a physical disability. In some versions, she was fine until the accident happened and turned their restaurant into Korea’s most haunted.  

The Legend of the Haunted Restaurant

One day, the daughter was by the road right in front of the restaurant when she was run over by a car and she died. In some versions this is when her physical disability happened as her neck was snapped and left her brain dead. 

Her father never recovered and ended up committed suicide by hanging himself in his grief. Her mother was also sick with grief and died not long after and the Neulbom Garden Restaurant was sold. 

After this tragedy, there were several attempts at running the restaurant by other people, but strange things started happening all the time. 

The staff would take orders they forgot about, and when they realized it, they hurried over to the table with the forgotten orders. But when they came to the table, they found that someone had already served their guests. 

They would also sometimes go home without cleaning the tables, but when they came back, the next morning, they found the whole restaurant tidied and clean.

The Abandoned Restaurant: Put on the lists of most haunted places of South Korea, the once abandoned building of Neulbom Garden Restaurant got a reputation of being haunted. //photo:

Not only the staff noticed strange things happening in the restaurants. Neighbors complained constantly  of loud noises from the haunted restaurant. 

Guests would order food by a female staff member, but the food would never arrive. When the guests asked the male staff what happened to their order taken by the female staff, they could only answer: “We don’t have any females working here.”

They finally gave up on running the restaurant and left the building to decay, further fuelling the rumors of it being haunted.  Rumors about the place is that a priest bought the place to let it rest in peace. 

If we look at the earlier korean sources according to it was in 2009 an article of the hauntings of the Neulbom Garden Restaurant was written online. Were the parents died in both a car accident and by suicide by turning the gas stove on in the kitchen.

The Truth Behind The Ghost Rumors

More likely is that they closed down the Neulbom Garden Restaurant because the Jungang Expressway opened in 2001 and sales plummeted. It looks like it was purchased in 2012 by Buddhists that used it as a temple and cafe, but the business failed as well and it was closed again in 2015.

It was later run as a cafe by a group of christians it seems, and as far as research goes it looks like the building is still being used as a restaurant or cafe under a different name than Neulbom Garden Restaurant under the expressway. 


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