Once a heartbroken girl that didn’t know how to go on to a vengeful ghost. Emily who haunts Emily’s Bridge in Vermont still got claws. 

The Gold Brook Covered Bridge as it is named officially usually goes under the name Stowe Hollow Bridge or simply Emily’s Bridge. 

It is a small and single lane bridge made out of wood in the small town of Stowe in Vermont. It is a covered bridge that you can see around New England especially. 

Emily’s Bridge as it was nicknamed after a local legend was built in 1844 and the old and weathered wood of the bridge holds a heart wrenching ghost story. 


The Legend of Emily

Once a heartbroken girl that didn’t know how to go on to a vengeful ghost. Emily who haunts Emily's Bridge in Vermont still got claws. 
The Haunted Bridge: Gold Brook, Stowe Hollow or Emily’s Bridge, Stowe, Vermont// Source

According to legend there is a girl named Emily who haunts the bridge since her death in the 1850s. 

She was only a teenager when she died and had a hard life as she was from a poor family. She fell in love with a boy from a richer family who promised to marry her. However, his parents refused and they decided to elope. 

The boy told her to wait for him on that bridge at midnight and she did as she had instructed her.

But when the time went into the late night and early mornings she realized he would never come for her. She had been abandoned and had nowhere to go. In her distress she jumped from the bridge into the small brook that ran under it and died. 

The Voices in the Tunnel 

According to locals, they still claim to see her ghost around midnight as she makes an appearance on Emily’s Bridge. There is no real papertrail or tangible evidence of who Emily could be or that she existed at all. 

But even so, the legend preserverce and have perhaps only grown. She is no longer the tragic girl that jumped to her death, but more of a vengeful ghost according to some of the stories. Strange voices are heard in the short tunnel that covers Emily’s Bridge and some have even said the cars have come out scratched by something that looks like claws. 


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