On the foundation of old land with a lot of history, a new park was built. But the legends surrounding the mangrove forest followed into the modern day busy Singapore. 

The Park: Beautiful in the day, the park turns into something more sinister according to legend at night.
Photo: Cattan2011:Flickr

The park of Pasir Ris is a fairly new park, built first in the late 80s the reports of strange occurrences started trickling in. And in the following year the park expanded as well as the legends surrounding it. 

The surrounding area that connects the entrances to the popular jogging routes is Sungei Api Api, a river known to be a place filled with murders and suicides. It was also believed this was the place black magic was practiced in the olden days because of the thick forest. 

The Bird Tower

There are many spots the local deems as: haunted. One of these hot spots, or cold spots if you will, is the Bird Tower. Located a bit away from the beach in the mangrove forest, it is not necessarily something that you see at once. But during the day it looks like a cute and peaceful tower that was built for birdwatching in the area. But at night the atmosphere changes and the experiences people have seen or experienced themselves have made it so that it is known as the ‘suicide tower’, and apparently it is haunted. 

One of these urban legends that is the most told, and perhaps that started the rumours is the one about the boy with the third eye. This is something that in some lores makes you able to see ghosts. Decades ago he was hanging out in the park with his friends. He spotted something at the tower that was not of this world and told his friends about it. They agreed to come back at night on their bike for further explorations. 

They were all resting at the bottom of the tower, but suddenly, the boy with the third eye stood up and ran up the stairs, climbing to the top of the tower and — jumped. Some of the friends ran to get help while the rest stayed back and watched over their friend. Right before he died of the fall, he told them about a feeling of being pushed. An entity that forcefully made him fall. And according to the story he died on his way to the hospital. 

From then on it has been known as the suicide tower, as there have actually been several incidents of people taking their life there. 

The Vampiric Pontianak 

In recent times there have also been more reports on two women standing at the top of the tower. According to some, it is possible pontianaks, a malayan and indonesian folklore vampiric ghost of a female, which is also been rumoured to roam the area. 

They are also the ones rumoured to haunt the areas around the beach, where the trees grow tall and thick. The Pontianak (Malayan), or the Kuntilanak (Indonesian), shows up in mythology and folklore in different shapes. Both in the form of a pregnant woman unable to give birth or as a vengeful female spirit with a vampiric touch. Signs like a baby crying or a scent of the plumeria flower or a decaying corpse warns she is around. She is using her appearance as a beautiful woman to lure men, killing them with her long fingernails by removing their organs. 

The Ghost on the Bench

pasir ris park eerie
The Viral Ghost: A female jogger took this photo on a nightly run, experiencing strange and seemingly paranormal things. This went viral when she published it on her facebook back in June 2021. Could this be an example of what haunts the park at night?
Photo: Source

This is the fear of ghosts and pontianaks is the thing locals and visitors alike have when hearing stories like a female runner told of. She went for a jog along the place where sightings of the paranormal sort has been reported and came back a believer. On one of her runs, she encountered something that looked like a woman sitting on a bench. There was something off about her, just sitting there by herself at night, not looking like she had any legs.

A lot could explain this strange sight. But this was only one of the things she experienced. As the jogger ran past she later heard someone or something calling out her name. Problem was there was no one there. However the woman managed to snap a photo and the picture fueled the fire about exactly who or what lives in this particular park.

These are just some of the occurrences that have been reported in this brand new and modern park. And even in a modernised place like Singapore, the old legends and lores of old times keep on having its place in this country.


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