Château de Trécesson, the ancient castle in Brittany has more than one ghost haunting the place. Perhaps it’s not too strange to be haunted by the mysterious Dames Blanches when the location of the castle is in an enchanted forest.

Château de Trécesson is an ancient castle tucked away in the French countryside that has been the source of fascination and speculation among locals for centuries. 

The castle in Brittany has a mysterious past and its origin is lost in the mists of time, replete with tales of hauntings and supernatural phenomena, has attracted visitors far and wide hoping to get a glimpse into its paranormal secrets.

History of Château de Trécesson? 

Château de Trécesson is an ancient castle situated in the French countryside, and it dates all the way back to 810 AD. The castle is built on the foot of the Buttes de Tiot and has stood for more than two millennia and endured the passing of time, but its rich history and ghostly lore still remain a mystery.

It’s rumored to be haunted by ghosts, and visitors have reported having odd experiences while visiting the castle grounds.

Legends and Ghost stories of Château de Trécesson? 

There are many rumors and tales about Château de Trécesson that have been passed down through generations. One of them is of several guests at the castle that have seen a group of ghosts playing cards. Who the winner will be in the eternal game they are playing or what game of cards they have been on for ages are uncertain. 

There is also talk of an unknown monk wandering nearby close to the meadow by the castle and on the roadside leading up to it. He is sometimes described as headless. Perhaps not so surprising as the Château de Trécesson is built in the The Enchanted Forest of Brocéliande, a place of wonder and supernatural in every tree stem.

The Enchanted Forest of Brocéliande

The Castle is close to a part of the mythological forest known as Brocéliande. The real forest connected to this is the The Paimpont Forest. It is located around the village of Paimpont in Brittany. 

It contains the castles Château de Comper and Château de Trécesson as well as the Forges of Paimpont, a national historic site. It has been associated with the forest of Brocéliande and many locations from Arthurian legend, including the Val sans retour, the tomb of Merlin, and the fountain of Barenton as well as The Lady of the Lake. 

Dames Blanches French Folklore

There’s also a long-standing local legend involving the castle’s ‘Dames Blanches’, or ‘White Ladies’. According to folklore, these female ghosts are said to inhabit the castle and torment its inhabitants with misfortune, calamity, and sometimes even death in many stories in French folklore.

This castle has also been said to have one of these Lady’s in white or Dames Blanches in residence from the time the castle was in the hands of Monsieur de Trécesson. 

Château de Trécesson, the ancient castle in Brittany has more than one ghost haunting the place. Perhaps it’s not too strange to be haunted by the mysterious Dames Blanches when the location of the castle is in an enchanted forest.

People tell stories of hearing strange whispers in the walls, feeling cold chills running through the rooms, and seeing shadowy figures of beautiful women in a muddy white dress with a flower crown roaming around in the night air.

It is said it was her brothers who murdered her in 1750 that buried her alive on her wedding day as they felt they had accepted a wedding that dishonored the family. 

The whole event was spotted by a couple of poachers that saw the carriage with the woman was out in the woods and the men started digging the grave they sealed her in before driving away. Why they didn’t have the decency to kill her before burying her is unclear. 

The poachers found the courage to tell the people in the nearby village about it, and they came for her rescue. They were too late and she died, but didn’t really leave. It is said she is seen close to the castle, and floating on the waters still wearing her wedding dress. 

Her name or where she came from was never discovered. 

The Heartbroken Lovers

Another popular tale tells of two lovers being separated due to their families’ objections. The man was forced by his father to go fight in the crusade of 1249. He was killed in battle and his young wife died of grief only a few months after the news reached her. 

The spirit of the two lovers have been spotted replaying their final farewell scene close to the castle’s gateway. 

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