Explore the breathtaking Château de Bonaguil in south-western France. Take a journey through history as you uncover this majestic 12th century fortified castle where a Woman in White is said to haunt the castle every November. 

Marvel at the majestic 12th-century fortress of Château de Bonaguil in Saint-Front-sur-Lémance in south-western France! Located near the Lot and Dordogne rivers, this spectacular castle is filled with tales and secrets of centuries past. 

The name comes from bonne aiguille (good needle), referring to the pointy rock it is built upon. From its impressive architecture to the stunning views of its surrounding landscape, Château de Bonaguil offers an unforgettable adventure into history and culture.

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A Brief History of the Château de Bonaguil

Château de Bonaguil was first built in the 12th century by knight Arnaud de la Tour of Fumel, who later became Lord of Bonaguil. During the Hundred Years War, the Lords of Bonaguil sided with the English and was a location that saw a lot of battle as the castle was taken and retaken by the fighting sides. 

The castle underwent renovations and reconstructions throughout its rich history – most notably, in the late 15th century by the House of Bérenger de Roquefeuil family, it was modified to become an impressive fortress with formidable defenses and it is one of the last fortified castles in France from the Middle Ages. 

Over the last century, the castle’s many towers and bastions have been restored and reinforced, giving visitors a chance to experience the castle’s fascinating heritage firsthand.

Paranormal Investigation of the Haunted Castle

The castle is old, has a bloody history as well as being riddled in centuries of ghost stories and legends. Haunted rumors were so many that a paranormal team once went to do a thorough investigation. People have reported about a burning sensation as well as pressures on their shoulders and temperature drops. 

They have also reported strange sounds around the castle grounds as well as there are photographs people mean captured the ghost on camera. Who can it be that is haunting the old castle?

Dame Blanche of Bonaguil

Château de Bonaguil is said to have its own unsettling paranormal story, in the form of the White Lady or the Dame Blanche in french. It is claimed that a ghostly figure appears both around the grounds of the castle, as well as wandering along its courts and galleries. 

The story of Dame Blanche is plentiful in French folklore and as a sight in old castles especially. In French mythology or folklore, Dames Blanches were female spirits or supernatural beings, comparable to the Weiße Frauen of both Dutch and German mythology.

November Hauntings

Legend has it that there’s a mysterious white lady haunting the Château de Bonaguil known as the Dame Blanch or Dame de Bonaguil. She is thought to be the ghost of Marguerite de Fumel who spent much time in the Château de Bonaguil to fix it up and keep it. 

Explore the breathtaking Château de Bonaguil in south-western France. Take a journey through history as you uncover this majestic 12th century fortified castle where a Woman in White is said to haunt the castle every November. 
Dame Blanche de Château de Bonaguil: Local scholar Max Pons has entrusted a photo of his wedding to the Chateau de Bonaguil and claims that a ghost appeared (outlined in red) at the time the photo was developed. © Photo credit: source

For unknown reasons she is said to return in the middle of the night during November month to haunt the castle. Can it be that the castle she spent so much time on were looted and robbed during the French Revolution?   

The Legend of Marguerite de Fumel

It is said that Dame Blanche once was a noble lady and daughter of Béranger de Roquefeuil, a cruel and vicious man that took great pleasure in executing people during the peasant rebellion. 

Marguerite de Fumel was sick of her tyrant father and wished to run away with her lover. But her father set her up for marriage with a wealthy and old count. The legend goes that she fled tearfully from the castle never to be seen alive again, only as the ghost haunting the grounds. 

We do know however that Marguerite de Fumel died in Paris after years of marriage in 1699. But the ghost story about the White Lady haunting the castle in November continues to persist. 

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