The now abandoned school of San Ramón School in Agost has been left since the 90s and it is believed that it is haunted by its former students, eager to play with those that visits.

In the last years of the Franco regime, there was a school built on the outskirts of Agost in 1967, for mentally handicapped children and with disabilities of various degrees. It could accommodate between 250 to 300 children and was seemingly a wonderful place. 

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It had all the latest technology and techniques in education and had professional assistance, its own gym, theater, swimming pool, garden amongst other things. But for some reason it was closed down quickly and people started to wonder why. 

The San Ramón School in Agost was in operation for a few years, and in the 90s it was abandoned, due to the new law that dictated the right of integration in education for students. That was how it was totally abandoned.

Currently the San Ramón School in Agost is in ruins and has become a frightening place, and a regular searching area for cacophonies and other paranormal phenomena. To this is added that it has a dark past of ill-treatment and deaths in strange circumstances. The most narrated is the one of a student who tried to escape from the school in search of her parents, and when running down the access road to Agost, she was accidentally hit by a car.

Another story that seems to be more legend than reality is that of another student who was locked in the basement during a fire, could not escape the flames and died. For all this past, there are those who say that their spirits still remain in the place.

Haunted legends and stories surrounding the San Ramón School

Now in ruins, the San Ramón School has gained a reputation as a fearsome place, attracting thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts alike. Its eerie atmosphere, combined with its dark history of ill-treatment and deaths under mysterious circumstances, has spawned numerous chilling tales. 

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One of the most commonly recounted stories involves a student who attempted to runway from the San Ramón School in Agost to search for her parents that sent her there. When she reached the road though, she was struck by a passing car and died. According to this legend, this was the real reason the school had to shut down so abruptly. 

Another haunting legend, though more likely to be fiction than fact, revolves around a student who was supposedly locked in the basement during a fire, unable to escape the engulfing flames, resulting in a tragic demise. These haunting tales have led many to believe that the spirits of those who suffered within the school’s walls still linger in the abandoned halls.

Playful Ghosts Haunting the Grounds

The haunted reputation of the San Ramón School has garnered attention from visitors and locals alike. Many have shared their testimonials, recounting spine-chilling encounters and the palpable sense of unease they experienced within the school’s dilapidated walls. 

Some visitors have reported capturing strange anomalies in their photographs taken at San Ramón School in Agost, such as orbs or unexplained lights, further fueling the belief in the presence of supernatural entities. 

Once a group of people came for a game of soft gun, when they suddenly encountered a person that wasn’t from his team, nor was he from the opponents. It was like the play drew out the spirits that lingered there, still ready to play. 

There are also those that claim that they have heard children laughing and a voice whispering “Do you want to play?”

The enduring mystery of the former San Ramón School in Agost

The former San Ramón School in Agost remains shrouded in an enduring mystery. Its haunting history, combined with its dilapidated state, has created an atmosphere of intrigue and fear. Whether you believe in the supernatural or seek to uncover rational explanations, a visit to this forsaken place is sure to leave an indelible impression. 

As preservation efforts continue and restoration plans take shape, the future of the San Ramón School holds the promise of both preserving its haunted past and embracing its potential for new beginnings.

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