Some of the most haunted places in the world are easily old schools. This is the case with Ping Shan Tat Tak School in Hong Kong that had more than one haunted legend behind it before it closed down.

In the New Territories in Hong Kong there is a haunted school called Ping Shan Tat Tak School (達德學校) that was established in 1931 in the centuries old Yu Kiu ancestral hall in Ping Shan, Yuen Long. 

In 1974 the school reached more than 700 students and needed bigger space. The school moved location to North-South Road before closing completely in 1998, 67 years after it opened it was abandoned and people now claim the place is haunted. 

The abandoned school is sometimes used for more creepy shooting locations for TV and film, and there are certainly some scary and spooky props the crew leaves behind sometimes. 

Ever since the opening and well after Ping Shan Tat Tak School closed it has been the subject of haunting ghost stories. 

The Ghost from the War at the Haunted School

During the Second World War it was used as a burial ground as it was believed that it was a place where a horrible massacre happened during the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941.

There are also a few stories about the ghosts of the original residents of the New Territories when the British came and took over the area in 1899. At the time, the Six Day War of the New Territories broke out  where around 500 people died.

The bodies of the villagers from Ping Shan were buried on the side of the mountain that became a mass grave. These are the ghosts that are thought to haunt the school. 

The Ghost in the Red Dress at Ping Shan Tat Tak School

After a while there started to evolve a proper ghost story from Ping Shan Tat Tak School and the abandoned haunted school was complete. 

A legend goes that one of the schoolmistresses or the principal committed suicide and hang herself in the school toilets, wearing a red dress. She is now said to haunt the school. A woman haunting the bathroom in schools are widely told across Asia, and also the fact that she is wearing red.

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Some of the most haunted places in the world are easily old schools. This is the case with Ping Shan Tat Tak School in Hong Kong that had more than one haunted legend behind it before it closed down.
The Woman in Red: One of the ghosts said to haunt the Ping Shan Tat Tak School in Hong Kong is the woman in red. It is said that a headmistress hanged herself in one of the toilets.

Since there are no police reports or even a news article about this, it is impossible to confirm that such a rumor is true. Nevertheless, this story has become one of the most told about from Ping Shan Tat Tak School.

Student Ghost Investigation Gone Wrong

Because the haunted rumor about an abandoned school exists, there will naturally thrill seekers that are attracted to the stories, especially for other students wanting to test their bravery and spook their friends. 

On September 10th in 2011, 12 students from a middle school visited Ping Shan Tat Tak School and came back with haunted tales. They claimed to have heard footsteps in the abandoned building as well as hearing an ominous scraping noise from the walls. 

3 of the girls kept fainting and one completely lost control of himself, pinching his own neck and biting so he needed the friends to help stop him and they called the police for help. 

Worst was the sighting of a female ghost dressed in all red. The chilling whispers of her presence sent shivers down the spines of those who dared to cross her path.

The Acute Reactive Psychosis VS Seeing Ghosts

The group of middle schoolers as well as others visiting the place claim to have visions about people dying in horrible ways after they have entered the haunted building of Ping Shan Tat Tak School. 

And all the while the building sits there abandoned with its secrets. And while the local villagers claim that they have never seen a ghost in these parts, and the thing with the students losing control has been said to be a case of acute reactive psychosis, the legend says otherwise. 

The Haunted School

In conclusion, Ping Shan Tat Tak School in Hong Kong remains an intriguing and haunted place with a rich history and mysterious legends. While the truth about the reported supernatural occurrences is difficult to ascertain, the stories surrounding the school continue to captivate the imagination of locals and visitors alike.

Whether it’s the restless spirits of the villagers from centuries ago or the ghostly presence of the woman in the red dress, Ping Shan Tat Tak School has become synonymous with tales of hauntings and eerie encounters. The abandoned school’s dilapidated halls and eerie atmosphere only amplify the sense of unease that surrounds it.

To this day, Ping Shan Tat Tak School stands as a cautionary reminder of the power of urban legends and the allure of the paranormal. Whether the haunting stories are true or not, the school continues to fascinate those with a penchant for the supernatural.

So, whether you are a believer in the paranormal or a skeptic, the haunted legacy of Ping Shan Tat Tak School will continue to linger in the hearts and minds of those who dare to explore its ghostly corridors.

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