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hands of crop faceless man under water
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The Ghost Children at Mang Gui Kiu Bridge 

After a terrible flooding accident on the Mang Gui Kiu Bridge in Hong Kong, there have been several reports about drivers and passerby seeing ashen faced ghost children waving at them, hoping that someone will finally get them out from the place

rainforest surrounded by fog
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The Mystic Realm at Sai Kung

What really happened to the missing hikers that mysteriously disappeared at Sai Kung? Did they simply get lost and die in the dense jungle? Or could it be that there really is something of a mystic realm that leads to another dimension there?

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The Ghost of the Hello Kitty Murder

The Hello Kitty Murder Case shocked Hong Kong and the world to the core when the skull of a woman was found sewn inside of a Hello Kitty Doll. One of the participant in the torture of the victim claimed that she was haunted by her and for years after the murder, the place itself was said to be haunted.