One of the most well known urban legends are the ghost suicide at the metro in Hong Kong at the Yau Ma Tei Station. It is also one of those rare cases where the urban legend came from a very true story. 

Today the metro in Hong Kong is a convenient transportation method that can take you from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon as well as to the New Territories. 

There are more than one story from the dimly lit underground of Hong Kong that have a more supernatural take. Disappearing train, women in white leaping in front og the trains and construction workers still roaming in the tunnels. 

And one of the stories in this article has yet to be completely debunked. 

The Ghosts of the Construction Workers at Rumsey Station

There are more than one stop on the metro that are said to be haunted since the construction on the tracks started in the late 1960s. Like Rumsey Station where there is an abandoned platform. 

They said that during construction there were so many fatal accidents that they had to abandon the project. Allegedly the ghosts of the construction workers can be seen and their screams can be heard around the East Lobby in the night. 

The Mental Patient at Whitty Station

There have also been claims that construction workers hear the screams inside of the Whitty Station tunnels. When they investigated the claims, they allegedly found a woman dressed in white on the platform that leapt onto the tracks when they approached her. 

People have since speculated that it could be a patient from the nearby mental hospital, who have also a couple of haunted rumors. It used to be called High Street Mental Hospital, but today it is called Sai Ying Pun Community Complex.

The Train that Disappeared at the Choi Hung Station

At the Choi Hung Station there are three, not two railway tracks like the other stations have. According to one urban legend, when they used the middle railway track, they found out the hard way that apparently this was a track leading directly to hell. 

The story goes that when they constructed it the engineer decided it was time for a test run and brought some people along. They were supposed to drive toward Kowloon Bay Station, but after a good 30 minutes, they still hadn’t arrived and they had lost contact with the train. 

It did arrive, but there was something wrong. The people onboard seemed disoriented, some even passed away after they were being sent away to the hospital. It wasn’t clear what was wrong with them other than pure shock and fear. 

When they investigated it they brought along a medium to help them shed light to the strange case. The medium claimed that the track led straight to hell and that the passengers had all seen something they would never recover from. 

Because of this, they abandoned the track and built new ones that would lead to the meant destination and not pass through hell. And although the hellway track has been seen to be used to transport trains to the depot in Kowloon Bay at the end of the day. But hey, this is not the only urban legend in the underground of Hong Kong. 

The Ghost Suicide at Yau Ma Tei Station

In November 1981 things were going fine at the MTR and the Yau Ma Tei Station. Passengers were coming and going as the trains stopped to pick up their passengers and take them away to their destination. 

On this day though, something happened that no one has really been able to explain. Passenger reported seeing a young woman falling into the tracks at the station as one of the trains was rapidly approaching and running over her. 

The passengers on the platform as well as the staff claim to have heard her screams as she was hit by the train and the driver of the train remembers the horrible bump as she ended up under the train. 

They called for medical aid and sounded the alarm that a horrible accident had just happened. When the medics arrived to help, they didn’t find anyone. There was no young woman on the train tracks, not even a drop of blood could be spotted. 

A Collective Hallucination in the Dark Tunnels

What was this strange incident about? The investigation couldn’t find anything and the whole thing was called a collective hallucination as more than one present at the station had witnessed it all. 

There is also speculation of it being a ghost of a woman that maybe didn’t die that day, but had so in the past and now relieved her dying moments as a ghost. 

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