A collection of the haunted ghost stories, urban legends, folktales and the paranormal of China.

The Ghost Children at Mang Gui Kiu Bridge 

After a terrible flooding accident on the Mang Gui Kiu Bridge in Hong Kong, there have been several reports about drivers and passerby seeing ashen faced ghost children waving at them, hoping that someone will finally get them out from the place

The Haunted Lui Seng Chun Building

When they tried to remodel the historical Lui Seng Chun building in Hong Kong everything went wrong and it was believed the whole process was cursed. After it was abandoned, people passing by kept seeing ghosts haunting the place.

Deadly Immortality in Telford Gardens

After a mass murder at Telford Gardens, cleaners at the apartment blocks have claimed that something supernatural is going on, and the whole apartment complex has been called cursed because of the tragic incidents that keep piling up.

The Mystic Realm at Sai Kung

What really happened to the missing hikers that mysteriously disappeared at Sai Kung? Did they simply get lost and die in the dense jungle? Or could it be that there really is something of a mystic realm that leads to another dimension there?

The Ghost Suicide at the Yau Ma Tei Station

One of the most well known urban legends are the ghost suicide at the metro in Hong Kong at the Yau Ma Tei Station. It is also one of those rare cases where the urban legend came from a very true story. 

The Exorcisms at the Haunted Murray House

Haunted by the executed prisoners from the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong, the Murray House was the site for not only one, but two big exorcisms to put the restless souls at rest.

The Haunted Seven Sisters Road at Tsat Tsz Mui

A long time ago, there were seven sisters that made a pact to die together in Tsat Tsz Mui, Hong Kong. And according to legend, there were also reports of them haunting swimmers from the depth of the sea.

The Ghost of the Hello Kitty Murder

The Hello Kitty Murder Case shocked Hong Kong and the world to the core when the skull of a woman was found sewn inside of a Hello Kitty Doll. One of the participant in the torture of the victim claimed that she was haunted by her and for years after the murder, the place itself…

The Forbidden Song Haunting the Radio

The theme song from a horror movie turned out to be scarier than the movie itself, after the so-called forbidden song haunted the radio stations that played it. 

The Ghost of Jumbo Kingdom, the Floating Restaurant

The once huge floating restaurant Jumbo Kingdom used to be an iconic landmark in Hong Kong for decades. Now there is only a capsized wreck left and stories about good times at the restaurant as well as ghost stories that came from the place. 

The Mass Haunting on Po Hing Fong Street

One night in 1949 people on Po Hing Fong street in Hong Kong woke up to what was believed to be a mass haunting from the dead from world war two. 

Nam Koo Terrace — The Wan Chai Haunted House

Inside of the once stately building, horrible crimes were committed against women. The Nam Koo Terrace, otherwise known as The Wan Chai Haunted House in Hong Kong gives a testament to the ghosts of the past. 

Movie Watching Ghosts at East Town Theatre

The East Town Theatre in Hong Kong was meant to be a grand new and luxurious cinema for the modern ages. There was only one problem – they had built it on top of a former funeral parlor and many of the people in the cinema watching the movie turned out to be ghosts.

The Haunted Dragon Lodge of The Peak

On the way to The Peak in Hong Kong sits the most haunted house in the city. The Dragon Lodge certainly looks abandoned, but who is said to haunt the place and whose voices echo in the night?

The Disappearance of Bus 330 in Beijing

In China they tell about an urban legend about the disappearance of Bus 330 or the last bus to Fragrant Hills that involves both a ghost story as well as a murder mystery. 

The Fox Demon at Windsor House

The legend about the Fox Demon often occurs in Asian legends, and at Windsor House it was said it was deadly. Children were said to have been killed because of it and today the house is considered haunted. 

The Princess Tomb under the Summer Palace

In the imperial Summer palace there is supposedly an ancient princess tomb under the Longevity Mountain. When they tried to disturb the grave there, it came with a warning that those who disturbed the peace would read the repercussions for it as well. 

The Ghost Village of So Lo Pun

In this remote ghost village in Hong Kong, it is said it was deserted after a tragedy that killed most of the villagers. What really happened in So Lo Pun that makes it a desolate place today?

The Ghost on the Eighth Floor of the Fusuijing Building

In one of the old communist high rises in Beijing, it is said that the ghost on the eighth floor is still haunting the Fusuijing Building after being wrongly accused. 

The Ghost in Red at Ping Shan Tat Tak School

Some of the most haunted places in the world are easily old schools. This is the case with Ping Shan Tat Tak School in Hong Kong that had more than one haunted legend behind it before it closed down.

The Poetic Haunting in No. 33 Xiaoshihu Hutong

One of the four most well known haunted houses in Beijing is No. 33 Xiaoshihu Hutong. People have talked about the sound of a woman reciting poetry in the night for centuries, and used to be the home of one of the most important authors in Chinese Literature. 

The Haunted Bela Vista Villa

A vacation inn in Hong Kong has been called haunted after people staying there have claimed to have seen ghostly apparition of people that have ended their life in the Bela Vista Villa. 

The Beheaded Soldiers Haunting Dongmianhua Hutong  

In the midst of the old one of the old hutong neighborhoods in BEijing it is a house that is said to be more haunted than others. In the Ming Dynasty a famous female military general used the courtyard of the Dongmianhua Hutong to behead soldiers not following her commands. 

The Braided Girl on the Train Tracks

Passed around on the school campuses, the story about the Ghost of the Braided Girl from the train tracks have been told for decades now and close to all students attending the Chinese University of Hong Kong have heard about the haunting urban legend. 

Take the Haunted Subway in Beijing

Discover the spine-tingling secrets of Beijing’s haunted subway. It is said that the Metro Line No. 1 was haunted by ghosts and had to have an exorcism when they started building it. But did it work?

The Takeout Ordering Ghost in Hong Kong

An urban legend about a ghost ordering takeout has been one of the most retold ghost stories in Hong Kong for a while now. And according to some of the sorcerers, we can trace the origin of the story back to a real thing that happened. 

The Haunted Liuyin Street in Beijing

There is not only one ghost story haunting the old Liuyin Street in Beijing. Everything from ghosts in the old imperial mansions along the street, a mysterious force in the toilets, the ghost of a hero soldier and a mysterious girl dressed in red are said to haunt this street. 

The Ghost Bride in the Waterfall Pool

Inside of the lush green forest there is a small waterfall leading to what is called Bride’s Pool. Hikers have reported about seeing the ghost of the bride that drowned in the pool on the way to her wedding. 

The Courtesan Haunting the Songpo Library

A beautiful courtesan became mixed up in the politics that ended and started a dynasty in China. Today it is said she is haunting the Songpo Library in Beijing where she took her own life.

Dead Fengmen Village

In an abandoned village deep in the Chinese mountains, there are legends that people never leave the Fengmen Village, not even after death. Because of the bad Feng Shui and strange customs it has become the country’s number one ghost village, some would even say cursed.  

The Dark History of the Caishikou Execution Grounds

Explore the grim history of the Caishikou Execution Grounds in Beijing where countless executions took place, and some say that is haunted by the people that met their end there.

The Ghost House in Jinsong

In Beijing there was an apartment building so haunted that in 1984 several of the residents moved out from the building because the hauntings became so bad. What really happened that year? Was it really a haunted house, or just an elaborate prank?

The Secrets of Beijing’s Haunted Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing still has some parts that are off limits for tourists, but they can never block the path to the alleged ghosts that are said to linger. These Imperial Palaces are said to be haunted by former concubines, and according to legend, possibly cursed as well.

Hidden Haunted Wonders of the Great Wall of China 

The Great Wall of China is one of the most well known wonders of the world and also has some haunted rumors wandering the wall about the souls of dead soldiers still patrolling the walls. 

Haunting of the Huguang Huiguan Opera House

Behind the colorful masks at the Peking Opera stage at the Huguang Huiguan Opera House in Beijing, there are some ghostly visitors that were there long before the opera house was built and may be there long after. 

The Haunted History of Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing

The ghost of a woman i white has been spotted in the haunted Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing. It is said it is the ghost of a grieving mother that never recovered after the death of her son. 

The Haunted Tomb of General Yuan

In the middle of the busy and modern city of Beijing is an old tomb of a Chinese hero hidden away. And the Tomb of General Yuan is said to be haunted by the military leader who were framed and sentenced by the death of a thousand cuts. 

The Ghost Bride – The Book and the Real Ghost Marriage

Ghost Marriage is not something we only read about in fictional books and watch in horror movies. Sometimes the fiction is inspired by the truth, like with the Malaysian book, ‘The Ghost Bride’ from 2013.

Ghost Marriage — The Chinese Way to Marry the Dead

In China there was a tradition of ghost marriage where the family of the dead arrange a marriage from beyond the grave, and there are still cases where the old tradition is not quite dead. 

The Ghost of Khar Khot, The Black City in the Gobi Desert

Hidden by sand in the Gobi desert for centuries, the abandoned city of Khar Khot is still haunted by the ghosts of the inhabitants that didn’t manage to escape. 

The Bell Tower Goddess of Beijing

The sound of the bell echoes in the city like a faint reminder of once it dictated time itself in China. And according to legend, one bell also carries the voices of the dead. 

Chaonei No. 81 — Beijing Horror House

Shadowy figures in the window, chilling entrance during the summer, the old and haunted church in Beijing called Chaonei No. 81, keeps its secrets close to the chest.

Botan Dōrō – Tales of the Peony Lantern

The Botan Dōrō or Tales of the Peony Lantern is a ghost story told since the Ming dynasty in China to today. Most popular through the Kaidan theater plays, it is now one of Japan’s most well known ghost stories.

Fengdu Ghost City

The Fengdu Ghost City in China is steeped with the paranormal and cultural afterlife as well as being a big tourist attraction. Weird?

Ghost of Tu-Po — The Hungry Ghost

After the Chinese nobleman Tu Po was betrayed by his own king and fellow nobles, he became a vengeful ghost, or Hungry Ghost as it is known as in Buddhism. Even in his afterlife he sought revenge on those who betrayed him and fought to restore his honor.

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