On the way to The Peak in Hong Kong sits the most haunted house in the city. The Dragon Lodge certainly looks abandoned, but who is said to haunt the place and whose voices echo in the night?

The Dragon Lodge (龍廬) is a haunted abandoned building at The Peak in Hong Kong that has passed through the hands of several owners over the years, and haunting legends keep piling up every time the building exchanges owners. 

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Victoria Peak, or just The Peak, offers panorama views of skyscraper-flanked Victoria Harbour, Kowloon peninsula and craggy mountain peaks. It used to be a popular place for Europeans to settle and it shows in the architecture from the buildings in the area, the Dragon Lodge being one of them.

The Cursed Mansion on Top of The Peak?

Once a grand mansion, only the shell of it remains today with broken windows and graffiti on the walls. No one lived her but ghosts and trespassers. Today the estate on No. 32 Lugard Road struggles with ghost hunters trespassing and thrill seekers that try to get a glimpse of some of the ghosts that are said to haunt the place. 

According to records, the Dragon Lodge was built in 1945 which means that it was built pre World War 2. We reckon that it was built in the early 1900s, possibly 1920s. For many of the owners, it didn’t go so well. One went bankrupt and another one died in the house and it seems like no one of the owners can keep the house for long.

There have been theories that the very house or the ground it sits on is cursed. 

Decapitated Nuns in the Dragon Lodge

The worst legends about the house comes from the World War 2. At this time Japanese soldiers occupied the Dragon Lodge and used it for some sort of operation. The legend goes that they rounded up and decapitated several Catholic nuns on the premises.

Although hard sourcers for this atrocity are hard to come by, there were similar cases of horror all across Hong Kong and for the world for that matter in this time, so the very idea is not that hard to believe could have happened.  

But when did the building start to become haunted? It was people living there all the way up to the 80s, at least in the 60s and 70s. After this though is when rumors started coming from the area as the inner roads started to become overgrown and the very building started to fall into disrepair. Today it is known as one of Hong Kong’s most haunted houses. 

The Renovation of the Haunted House

In 2004 the house was bought for 74 million HKD and there was a glimmer of hope that it would be renovated to its former glory, but the house remained vacant and no one got the chance to move in. From the outside it looked like the curse was still holding up.

The new owners tried to renovate the house in 2017, but the construction workers were convinced that the place was haunted as they kept hearing strange noises of a child crying they couldn’t see or find anywhere. 

The House only got a renovation on the outside then and updated on their security measures, leaving the inside completely untouched. As to why, perhaps we will never know.

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