A long time ago, there were seven sisters that made a pact to die together in Tsat Tsz Mui, Hong Kong. And according to legend, there were also reports of them haunting swimmers from the depth of the sea.

In North Point there is a road called Tsat Tsz Mui Road (七姊妹道) that means Seven Sisters Road. Today the road is a place of office and residential buildings as well as shopping malls and restaurants. But there used to be beaches there. 

The road on Tsat Tsz Mui is built on reclaimed land, and underneath it all, there hides a tragic tale of seven sisters that are haunting the place because they never got a chance to live on their own terms. 

The Seven Sisters Pact of Life and Death

According to legend, there was once a group of Hakka women, a group of Han Chinese people that fled from the north from social unrest in the Qing Dynasty and sought refuge in the Cantonese provinces. 

The seven women who had been playmates all their life decided to become blood sisters and would die on the same day. The sisterhood lived in the same area and all swore a vow of celibacy and would never get married. 

One day, the third sister’s family decided it was time to marry her off. She didn’t want to, but didn’t dare to oppose her parents.   

The sisters were desperate, but saw no way to live their life as they had swore on. All of the seven sisters drowned themselves in the ocean the night before her wedding. 

The Seven Sister Rocks on the Beach

Their bodies were never recovered, but when the tide receded they found seven boulders in a row. These were named the Tsat Tsz Mui Shek (七姊妹石), Seven Sister Rocks, and the village Tsat Tsz Mui Tsuen (七姊妹村), Seven Sister Village. 

The Ghost of the Seven Sisters

Later the Chinese Recreation Club built the Seven Sisters Swimming Club in 1911 and hosted large bathing platforms that were destroyed during the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941.

Problem was the male swimmers though. Many went for an evening swim but there were so many cases of the male swimmers drowning, even though they were known to be strong swimmers. 

Ever since then, there have been legends that it is the spirits of the seven sisters in the water, taking their revenge on the men that wouldn’t leave them alone. 

In 1934 the rocks were buried under the reclamation for urban development and the seven sisters with it.

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