In Beijing there was an apartment building so haunted that in 1984 several of the residents moved out from the building because the hauntings became so bad. What really happened that year? Was it really a haunted house, or just an elaborate prank?

In 1984, there was a collective panic of the locals living in a residential building near Jinsong in Beijing as they claimed that the building they lived in was haunted by ghosts. The haunting got so bad that it even made the news and made more than one resident move out.

In the dark when they came home from work or peeked outside in the corridors, the people living there could hear miserable crying as soon as you stepped inside the building. There were also ghostly shadows that roamed around on the walls as the lights flickered on and off. 

In the middle of the night there would be so loud noises in the corridors it was impossible to get a good night’s sleep. There were voices talking as well as fighting or what sounded like scolding children. There were also loud noises of things moving inside of certain rooms and in the hallways. 

When people walked in though, the sound stopped and there was no one roaming the corridors and the neighbors in the hallway just stared at each other, having all heard the same thing.

Fleeing from the Ghosts

People didn’t want to live in this haunted building, even though the building itself was brand new. And after a while of experiencing all the paranormal stuff going on, the residents moved out, one by one and the building was left empty. Or was it?

There are stories of the hauntings the residents experienced that the ghost moved with them to their new place and for a while it seemed like that building was quiet. 

Then, some of the residents that didn’t really have anywhere else to go moved back into the haunted building in Jinsong, thinking that maybe it was all over now. And for a few days there was nothing paranormal happening that they could pinpoint. 

A Ghost in front of the Door

Then one day an old lady was coming back from a walk and went up the stairs towards her apartment. The old lady saw a long haired woman standing in front of her house and she asked the lady who she was looking for as she didn’t know who this woman was. There was no answer and no reaction from the stranger outside of her door.

After asking two times without a response, the old lady called for her spouse and son as she tried to push through the woman to get into her house. The woman turned around slowly after being shoved and the old lady yelled before collapsing on the floor, passing out by the sight of her. 

Her family finally opened the door and saw the woman on the floor and she was sent to the hospital. When she woke up she was trembling and scared as she told them about the frightful woman. 

The poor woman was so out of it, babbled about how the woman outside of her door didn’t seem alive at all, became paranoid and couldn’t get out of bed for days. She was eventually sent to her hometown in the country to get well again. 

After this, the haunting just seemed to get worse and it got so famous that it ended in the news, and scientists came to investigate the reasons behind it all and published papers on the matter in order to encourage residents to move back. 

But just for safety, they dispatched the police to guard the building. 

The Truth Behind the Haunting

So what really happened that year in 1984 that spooked so many of the people that they took the extra step of fleeing the building? Why haven’t we heard about hauntings from the building later than 1984? And how did it really all come to an end? According to some living in Jinsong at the time, the background for it all was not a paranormal reason at all. 

According to them there really was crying and talking that kept the residents up at night, but they went to the police to get help. When the police did a search they allegedly caught a group of teenagers that used some of the empty rooms as their own personal party place. 

However, is that enough explanation to give when so many residents felt the haunting moved with them, even when they tried to find a new place to live? And how about the woman outside of the old woman’s door? Just a rude high school girl there to party? A figment of the old ladies imagination? Or perhaps there really was something strange going on in Jinsong in 1984.

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