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multicolored concrete building with a lake view showing the distinct architectural design of ancient china
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The Princess Tomb under the Summer Palace

In the imperial Summer palace there is supposedly an ancient princess tomb under the Longevity Mountain. When they tried to disturb the grave there, it came with a warning that those who disturbed the peace would read the repercussions for it as well. 

people riding motorcycle on road
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The Haunted Liuyin Street in Beijing

There is not only one ghost story haunting the old Liuyin Street in Beijing. Everything from ghosts in the old imperial mansions along the street, a mysterious force in the toilets, the ghost of a hero soldier and a mysterious girl dressed in red are said to haunt this street. 

delivery rider on the street between houses near galaxy soho building
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The Ghost House in Jinsong

In Beijing there was an apartment building so haunted that in 1984 several of the residents moved out from the building because the hauntings became so bad. What really happened that year? Was it really a haunted house, or just an elaborate prank?