The ghost of a woman i white has been spotted in the haunted Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing. It is said it is the ghost of a grieving mother that never recovered after the death of her son. 

Prince Gong’s Mansion (恭王府) is today a tourist attraction in Beijing, but it used to be a grand mansion for some of the most powerful people in China, and also the home to one of the richest ghost. 

The mansion is considered one of the most exquisite Chinese imperial mansions, representing the elegant lifestyle of Qing Dynasty royalty. 

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The mansion is also known to be one of the more haunted places in the country, and there are several reports going on for centuries about a woman in white walking the grounds as a ghost, still crying and mourning the loss of her lost son. 

Prince Gong’s Mansion

Prince Gong’s Mansion is a true testament to the siheyuan-style that characterized this period in history and named after a Manchu prince, Yixin or better known as Prince Gong that was an important statesman during the 1800s. 

The Manchus are a Tungusic East Asian ethnic group from Manchuria in Northeast Asia and led the Qing Dynasty from the 1600s until the imperial rule ended in 1912.

But the haunted rumors started long before Prince Gong moved into it. 

The Richest and most Corrupt Man in China

Before the mansion was given to Prince Gong it belonged to another. Prince Gong’s Mansion was originally built in 1777 during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor for his favorite adviser, Heshen (和珅). 

As one of the most powerful court officials during the Qing Dynasty, Heshen was remembered for his lavish lifestyle and incredible influence over imperial politics. He was also remembered to be one of the most corrupt officials in Chinese history and one of the richest as well.

The Death of Feng Jiwen

He lived together with his family and loved his wife, Feng Jiwen who he loved more than anything and they had a loving relationship even before he got into all the money. It is worth noting he had around 80 concubines as well in the house, but historical writings actually say his wife even encouraged it. 

No matter how much money and gold a person has though, it isn’t enough and Feng Jiwen didn’t get to live out her loving family life until the very end though and got her heart broken to bits when her youngest son died in a battle fighting rebels. 

Heshen, who was prepared to do anything for his beloved wife, hired monks to care for his wife and was hoping to pray for her to come back to her senses and health. His efforts were in vain though and it’s said she died of a broken heart.

She certainly fell ill and Heshen even offered 500 000 silver to the one able to cure her illness. After her death he was distraught, didn’t show up to work for months and wrote 6 poems about her to mourn her. 

The Fall of Heshen

And even Heshen ended in tragedy as he was eventually apprehended when the throne got a new emperor that didn’t look at him as favorably when the Qianlong Emperor abdicated in 1796. They made him hang himself and had all of his belongings, as well as the mansion confiscated. 

After her death she stayed on in her afterlife unable to move on. She and several of former escorts for Heshen have been seen around the palace, and the guards working there have claimed to have seen a woman in white walking the premises. You can hear the cries of a mother echo through the old mansion.

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