In the imperial Summer palace there is supposedly an ancient princess tomb under the Longevity Mountain. When they tried to disturb the grave there, it came with a warning that those who disturbed the peace would read the repercussions for it as well. 

The Summer Palace (颐和园) is more of an ensemble of both lakes, gardens and palaces in Beijing and covers almost 3 square kilometers, mostly water. It dates back to the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty in 1153 when an imperial palace was constructed here. It is perhaps known for being the residence of the infamous Empress Dowager Cixi. 

The Summer Palace is perhaps less known for having some buildings that may or may not hide a soul that may not rest for ever after. 

The Tower of Buddhist Incense (佛香阁; 佛香閣;) or the Fóxiānggé Pavilion is found right in the center of Longevity Mountain. This was a place the Empress Dowager Cixi visited to offer incense and pray when she stayed at the Summer Palace. Originally the Buddhist tower was meant to be a pagoda like the Yellow Crane Tower ub Wuhan ordered by the Qianlong Emperor. 

The plans change however because of fear of supernatural retribution. 

The Legend of the Princess Tomb

There was once an emperor that wanted to build the most beautiful garden in Haidan. According to folklore though, there was already an ancient tomb under Longevity Mountain of a Ming Dynasty Princess. 

It was therefore unwise to move or disturb it, but Emperor Qianglong ignored the warnings against building a garden there, commanding the people to follow his orders. He was not afraid of heaven and earth and certainly not of the ancient princess tomb under the mountain. 

So they dug on the imperial decree, and they found the tomb with a stone gate to it. Emperor Qianlong heard about it and came to the place to see for himself. Over the gate of the tomb they had found, there were engraved: You don’t move me, I don’t move you! 

When the emperor saw this he was immediately frightened and ordered to cover the tomb as it had been by refilling the soil and not to disturb anything ever again. 

Instead he built a large temple on the mountain to suppress the ghost that could come back to the afterlife to haunt the one disturbing her peace. 

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