Inside of the lush green forest there is a small waterfall leading to what is called Bride’s Pool. Hikers have reported about seeing the ghost of the bride that drowned in the pool on the way to her wedding. 

What is it about beautiful waterfalls that conjure up ghost stories about drowned brides? Is it the wispy water that spreads out like a white braid vail? Even if the white veil bride isn’t really that common in old times?

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Inside the Plover Cove Country Park in the New Territories in Hong Kong, there is a shallow natural pool of water that comes from an idyllic waterfall. It looks peaceful and is called the Bride’s Pool (新娘潭). The legend behind the Brides pool is not as idyllic as it looks though. 

Not only are a string if deaths, both murders, suicides and drownings connected to the area surrounding the Bride’s Pool, also the road that goes above it has seen its fair share of accidents and has been dubbed The Deadly Curve.

What is the origin behind the name of this rock pool and what are some of the haunted legends coming from it?

The Drowned Bride

The story goes that there was a bride once being carried in a traditional sedan chair in stormy weather to the nearby village where her betrothed were waiting for her to hold the wedding and they would finally be married. 

One of the porters carrying her slipped in the rain that was pouring that day and he slipped so the sedan chair tipped over and she fell into the water. Because of her heavy clothes she sank and drowned in the pool of water. In some variations of the legend, her body was never found and she never reached her destination wedding. 

Several reports claim to have seen a woman wearing the red cheongsam as she is brushing her hair close to the waterfalls, still getting ready for her wedding. 

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