One night in 1949 people on Po Hing Fong street in Hong Kong woke up to what was believed to be a mass haunting from the dead from world war two. 

One summer night in Hong Kong in 1949, the residents in the Po Hing Fong street at the hillside of Taiping Mountain slept soundly. Summers in Hong Kong can be pretty hot and humid, even at night . 

It was only a few years after the second world war where over thousands of lives were lost in the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941 and during the three years the Japanese occupied the Island, also in this old street the effect of the war was clear. 

In 1949, the Island of Hong Kong was again governed by the British, and people paid a lot of attention to the warring going on over at the mainland. The communist revolution in China led to a population boom in Hong Kong and people were still trying to get on their feet after years of war. 

The Collective Ghost Vision 

During one of these hot and humid summer nights, the people living in Po Hing Fong street were suddenly awakened by a huge commotion outside. They flocked to their window to see what was going on. 

Outside were hundreds of people seen running for their lives. Truck they recognised from the war was seen passing by in the otherwise silent and deserted night. The chaos of the scene was something they had seen during the Japanese Occupation, but why now? 

One night in 1949 people on Po Hing Fong street in Hong Kong woke up to what was believed to be a mass haunting from the dead from world war two. 

People ran as they were fearing for their life and calling out for their loved ones, trying to get away from an unknown enemy.

This vision lasted for several minutes, the people kicking up dust, making the street almost misty. In the end both the people and the trucks all disappeared in the mist and the calm and peaceful night returned to as it had been. 

The next day the neighbors met outside and asked if anyone else had experienced something strange during the night. It turned out that everyone had heard and seen the same thing. And they all speculated that it was the spirits that had died in the Second World War. 

Other Tragedies on the Street

The street has gone through many name changes and it used to be called Market Street. 

The cul-de-sac – originally the site of Dr Sun Yat-sen’s center for anti-Qing revolutionaries and where the prominent businessman Chau Siu-ki owned property, and the future governor, Sir Cecil Clementi, lived while he was a civil servant – was the scene of a fatal accident in 1925 during a flash flood.

On July 17, just before 9am, nearly 80 people were killed when the torrent of water – after days of heavy rain – led to the collapse of a retaining wall on the corner of Caine Road and Ladder Street.

Chau and members of his family were among the dead.

Alternative History of the Mass Haunting

The story about the summer night in 1949 and the ghost of people from the Second World War is the most reposted version of the haunting in this area. There are however alternative versions, or maybe it is simply many of them. 

The other version follows the same pattern on a summer night, but this was in 1948, and the ghosts are supposedly from much earlier times. 

If these two stories are from the same haunting is unclear, but there are way more notices for a mass haunting in news clipping in 1948 than 1949. 

Po Hing Fong Today

Many sources claim that this story was featured in local newspapers in Hong Kong, but there are yet any hard sources of this. 

Today the dead end street and the surrounding area has transformed into a new hipster neighborhood and is nicknamed PoHo. It is an art district with bohemian cafes, boutiques and design studios, and little of the haunted past is visible to this day. 

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