Deep in the Valencian mountains in Spain you will find the abandoned town La Cornudilla. According to the rumors, the villagers were haunted for years and it was so intense they decided to leave it completely. Today, the ghost town have nothing but ghosts living there. 

Spain is home to a plethora of haunted abandoned towns tucked up on the mountainsides and deep in the forests, far from the bustling cities closer to the coast. These ghost towns are believed to be haunted by the ghosts of their former residents, and some believe that these ghosts still linger in the shadows of these forgotten places.

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The stories of these haunted abandoned towns in Spain continue to fascinate people from all walks of life as you see the abandoned buildings that no one lives in anymore. At least, not any living things anyway. 

From mysterious disappearances to inexplicable noises, there are plenty of tales that surround these eerie locations.
La Cornudilla is said to be a haunted town between the towns of Requena and Utiel in the Province of Valencia.

It is located in deep the hills of the Sierra de Los Visos or La Ceja and today it is abandoned and according to legend the place is haunted even before the people left it. 

The Ghosts that Drove the People out of Town

Most haunted towns became haunted first after the people left it and the silence left were filled with ghost stories. La Cornudilla town was a bit different though as the haunted rumors started before the people left. Together with the lack of drinking water, electricity and other things for the modern world, it is said that a series of paranormal events drove the people out of town. 

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According to the villagers, they heard voices and screams around La Cornudilla up to the end of 1950s and the villagers couldn’t even sleep, the sounds were so intense. There were however no one that could find out why or from where the sounds came from. 

In the middle of the night they kept hearing the sound of children crying and chains clanking, and eventually the fear ate the town up and the people left it.  

In the end the strange noises in La Cornudilla stopped except in one place, called The House of Noises that plagued the entire village. Today the house is just a rubble of ruins and stones, but people still claim to hear strange noises coming from it according to those visiting the ruins. 

Why Did the Town Become Haunted?

So why did this quaint little town tucked in the mountains in Spain suddenly become haunted without any explanation? The fact that the town didn’t have modern electricity, were far off from the rest of the civilisation and lacking drinking water certainly contributed to people packing up their things and leaving for other opportunities in the cities. 

Still, the legend about the town being haunted persists. Some people believe the strange things happening is because of the Arab cemetery that was already there where La Cornudilla village was built. 

Could the disturbed souls from the cemetery that used to be there be a contributing factor for the intense poltergeist activity the villagers of La Cornudilla experienced and eventually drove them from their homes?

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